How to Make Glow in the Dark Crafts for a Spooky Halloween

As the leaves start to change and the air grows crisp, a certain magic begins to stir. Halloween is on the horizon, bringing an opportunity for creativity, imagination, and a little bit of playful spookiness. It is the season when we can let loose, transforming pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns and turning our homes into haunted houses. And what better way to embrace this eerie holiday than by making some glow in the dark crafts for Halloween?

Crafting for Halloween is a tradition as old as the holiday itself. It’s a chance to create memories with loved ones, engage in the joy of making something with your hands, and add a personal touch to your Halloween festivities. Crafting is important during this time of year beyond just creating decorations. It’s about fostering a sense of community, spending quality time with family and friends, and celebrating the unique spirit of Halloween.

Here’s a fun and easy crafting project to add an enchanting glow to your Halloween decor!

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

Since Halloween is approaching, you can set aside your kid’s Magnetic Tiles – My Happy Helpers and bring out some pumpkins for this glow-in-the-dark crafting project. It will be a fun activity not just for kids but for adults as well!

Materials Needed

  • Pumpkin
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pencil
  • Paper towels and water

Glowing Pumpkin Step-by-Step Guide

Now that we’ve gathered our tools, it’s time to bring our luminous pumpkin to life. Follow these steps to create a Halloween decoration that stands out from the rest:

Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Craft
  1. Prepping the Pumpkin: If you’re using a real pumpkin, clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth to remove dirt or grime and let it dry. If it’s an artificial one, make sure it’s dust-free.
  2. Sketching the Design: Use your pencil to sketch your desired design on the pumpkin. It could be anything from a classic jack-o’-lantern face to a hauntingly beautiful Halloween scene.
  3. Applying the Paint: Now comes the fun part! Grab your glow-in-the-dark paint and start filling in your design. Don’t worry if the paint doesn’t seem bright in daylight. You will see its true magic in the dark.
  4. Patience is Key: Let your pumpkin dry completely. It might take a few hours, so enjoy a spooky movie while you wait.
  5. Light Up the Night: Once your pumpkin is dry, turn off the lights and watch your creation come alive. Its eerie glow will add a unique touch to your Halloween decorations.

Glow in the Dark Ghosts

Creating glow-in-the-dark ghosts is one of our fun and easy glow in the dark Halloween crafts that adds a touch of spectral charm to your decorations.

Materials Needed

  • White fabric
  • Balloons
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Black marker
  • Fishing line or string
  • Scissors

Glow in the Dark Ghosts Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that we’ve gathered our spectral supplies, it’s time to create our glow-in-the-dark ghosts. Follow these steps to bring your ethereal creations to life:

  1. Shape the Ghost’s Head: Inflate a balloon until it’s about the size of a grapefruit. It will serve as the head of your ghost.
  2. Drape the Fabric: Cut a square of white fabric large enough to cover the balloon and drape it down like a ghost. Drape the fabric over the balloon.
  3. Add the Glow: Using your glow-in-the-dark paint, paint the fabric. Make sure to cover it evenly so your ghost will glow all over.
  4. Dry Time: Allow the painted fabric and balloon to dry completely.
  5. Face Time: Once dry, draw a face on your ghost using the black marker. You can make it as spooky or as friendly as you want!
  6. Hang it Up: Poke a small hole at the top of the ghost’s head and thread the fishing line or string through it. Now you can hang your ghost.
  7. Light Show: Turn off the lights and watch your ghostly creation come to life, casting an eerie glow in the darkness.
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Glow in the Dark Spider Webs

Create glow-in-the-dark spider webs for a spooky yet elegant touch to your Halloween decorations. These can be hung around the house or used as table centerpieces.

Materials Needed

  • Glow in the dark yarn or string
  • Scissors
  • Tape or thumbtacks
  • Black light bulb (optional)

Glow in the Dark Spider Webs Step-by-Step Directions

With our materials, it’s time to weave our glowing trap. Follow these steps to create an eerie glow-in-the-dark spider web:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Decide where you want to hang your spider web. It could be in a corner of a room, across a window, or between two trees outside.
  2. Cut Your Yarn: Cut a piece of glow-in-the-dark yarn long enough to span your chosen space. It will be the main support for your web.
  3. Hang the Support: Secure each end of your main support yarn using tape or thumbtacks.
  4. Weave the Web: Cut several shorter pieces of yarn. Tie one end of each piece to the support yarn and secure the other end to the wall or tree, creating a radial pattern. Repeat this process until you have a starburst pattern.
  5. Add the Spiral: Now, cut a very long piece of yarn. Starting from the center, tie one end of this yarn to one of the radial lines. Spiral it outwards, looping it around each radial line as you go to create the classic spiral web pattern.
  6. Secure Your Web: Once you’ve completed your web, go around and make sure all ends are securely fastened. You don’t want your web to come undone in the middle of your Halloween festivities!
  7. Illuminate Your Web: If you have a black light, position it to shine on your web. Turn off all other lights, and watch as your spider web glows with an eerie light.


Halloween is truly a magical time of the year when creativity sparks, community bonds strengthen, and a unique, celebratory spirit fills the air. Whether it’s the enchanting glow of our hand-painted pumpkins, the spectral charm of our floating ghosts, or the eerie luminosity of our spider webs, each of these glow in the dark Halloween crafts outlined in this guide promises a delightful piece of decor and an opportunity to create cherished memories.

Moreover, crafting brings us closer – to our loved ones, communities, and the heart of the Halloween tradition. So, as you embrace the spirit of this season, we invite you to get creative, get crafting, and, most importantly, have fun!

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