How You Can Make Time Go Quicker On Long Journeys

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It doesn’t matter what mode of transport you are using. If you’ve got a long journey ahead of you, it’s essential to do something that will help pass the time and make your trip seem quicker. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling very bored and possibly annoy the people around you that are making that same long journey!

You might not have thought it, but there are plenty of ways you can make time go quicker on long journeys. Want to know what they are but were afraid to ask your friends and family members? Don’t worry, because this blog post has got you covered! Take a look at these useful ideas for inspiration:

How You Can Make Time Go Quicker On Long Journeys
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Catch up on some sleep

Whether you’re stuck on a flight or a train for several hours, one thing you can do is use it as an opportunity to catch up on some sleep! Let’s face it, most of us lead busy lives, and it’s always great to use such idle time to repay some of your sleep debt. Of course, make sure that you aren’t a loud snorer, or you may annoy your fellow passengers with those dulcet tones coming deep from your throat!

Note that if you’re traveling on a train and it makes several stops be sure to set an alarm on your mobile phone or watch to wake you up when you’re near to your destination. Else, you could end up missing your stop.

Read a book

If you enjoy immersing yourself in a book when you’ve got some free time, your long journey provides the perfect opportunity for doing so. Plus, you can read several chapters of your book uninterrupted! These days, it can be rare for busy folks to have several hours to themselves and devote the time to reading an exciting new novel.

How You Can Make Time Go Quicker On Long Journeys
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Some people might prefer to read a digital version of a book. But, there’s nothing wrong with being “old school” and having a paperback to read. Don’t forget there’s the added advantage that your bok doesn’t need batteries!

Play some games on your smartphone

You may think that you should only have the best tech for a long Christmas journey home, for example, or your annual airplane pilgrimage to relatives abroad. But, you can play all kinds of games on any smartphone made within the last five or so years.

While mobile phone developers release new smartphones all the time, games for mobile devices will almost always support older devices that go back a few generations. So, whether you fancy whiling away the hours with a few sessions of Minecraft or Scrabble, one thing’s for sure. You’ll find several games you can play on your smartphone, regardless of whether you’re sporting the latest mobile technology or not!

How You Can Make Time Go Quicker On Long Journeys
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Catch up on some work

Do you find that you seldom have the time to finish your work on a timely basis? If so, and you’ve brought your laptop with you, now is a good time to spend catching up on your work.

If you’re on a plane, for instance, you can work without constant telephone or email interruptions from your colleagues. And even if you’re traveling on a bus or train, you can always put your mobile device into “airplane mode” so you don’t get any distractions from it. More often than not you’ll have somewhere to plug your laptop charger into so that you won’t have a low battery situation preventing you from working.

Catch up on your Netflix shows and movies

Well, it doesn’t matter if you use Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or any other streaming entertainment service. Before you embark on your long journey, it makes sense to download an offline version of your favorite shows and movies to your mobile device. Once you’re beginning your journey, you can then spend some time catching up on entertainment programs.

There’s no point assuming you’ll get an Internet WiFi connection on your bus, train, or plane because that will rarely happen. So, make sure you come prepared by downloading the things you want to watch before you leave home.

Write a book

Are you a writer? If so, a long journey provides ample opportunity to note down the contents of new chapters for your next book! Whether you’re writing your book on paper or doing so on your laptop, a long journey in a vehicle, train, or airplane gives you the time to gather your thoughts and translate them onto paper (or your laptop).

If you travel a lot, you might even want to write a book about your journeys across the country or around the world! What better way to gain inspiration for such a book topic than to write while sitting in a transportation medium?

Call people you seldom talk to these days

Let’s face it, we all have family members and friends that we don’t usually talk to regularly. Especially if those people reside a long distance from where you live! Assuming that doing so won’t annoy your fellow passengers, you could call those close to you that you don’t usually catch up with all the time.

Having a telephone catch-up with your family members and friends that you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while will give you the chance to exchange all the news and gossip in your lives. Plus, it will make you feel good that you’ve spoken to those people at long last.

Plan your next vacation

Last, but not least, if you can get Internet access for the duration of your journey, you could use the time to research and plan your next holiday destination! Whether you’re traveling with a family in tow or are going solo, you’ll have the time to spend looking at places to visit and add to your itinerary. You’ll also know when the best time of year to travel is, so you can also save money on your vacation.

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