Lion & Bird Paper Bag Hand Puppets

My kids love to make their own puppets. Buzz, my 9 year old son, will sit at the kitchen table for hours coloring and cutting out faces that he’ll then tape onto toothpicks. They’re like his Simple Skewer Stick Puppets that he came up with all on his own, only smaller scale. I love that he’s so creative! Another favorite are paper bag hand puppets and this Lion & Bird Paper Bag Hand Puppets are a great pair!

Lion and Bird Paper Bag Hand Puppets - creative kids craft!

Paper lunch bags are a great way to make hand puppets, of course. So we gathered some colored sheets of paper, scissors and glue and went to work crafting up our own Lion & Bird Paper Bag Hand Puppets.

Lion and Bird Paper Bag Hand Puppets - creative kids craft!

We cut our paper bags in half, so only a little hand needs to be inside and not the bag halfway up their arm. It makes it easier to maneuver and play with, plus the little puppets are just cute. Then, we cut sheets of paper for each animal’s distinct look and glued everything onto place.

Lion & Bird Paper Bag Hand Puppets

Supplies needed:

  • brown paper lunch bags
  • white, black and red paper + more paper in a variety of colors
  • black crayon
  • glue
  • scissors

First, cut your paper bags in half.

Then, begin cutting whatever colors of paper you’d like for your lion and bird. A lion needs a mane, so cut a large circle and then begin rounding it out. A bird needs wings, so cut those shapes as well with more rounded bumps on each. Don’t forget the lion’s tail!

Glue everything in place. Cut large circles of white for the lion’s eye then glue smaller black circles inside. Bird’s eyes are only black circles. A black nose for the lion, too. Make whiskers on the lion with the black crayon.

Cut 2 triangles for the bird’s beak. Glue one under the flap then glue the other so it’s on top of it. For the lion’s mouth, take a pink or red sheet of paper and make a half circle and glue that under the flap for the lion, as well.

Lion and Bird Paper Bag Hand Puppets - creative kids craft!

Roar! And chirp! Be sure to find more crafts for kids at Our Kid Things!

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