Cone Paper Carrots Craft

I’m sharing a super easy craft today that needs only a few materials. Sometimes the easiest ones are the best ones and our Cone Paper Carrots Craft are perfect for Easter!

Cone Paper Carrots Craft, Treat Containers #spring #Easter

Needing only orange cardstock, green tissue paper, scissors and tape, this Cone Paper Carrots Craft goes together in a matter of minutes.

Cone Paper Carrots Craft, Treat Containers #spring #Easter

While they’re a darling craft in itself, and would look cute in an Easter basket, they’d be even better as a treat container filled with Easter candies! Such a great way to bring some Easter goodies into your child’s classroom or to pass out at Easter parties!

Cone Paper Carrots Craft

Supplies needed:

  • 12×12 orange cardstock
  • green tissue paper
  • clear tape
  • scissors

First, cut a sheet of cardstock into fourths. We used a larger square sheet of 12×12. I like the larger sheet because you can get equal size smaller squares.

Then, each of the cut sheets of cardstock into a cone shape. Tape along the seam so that it stays in shape.

Cut a large sheet of tissue paper into fourths as well. Fill with goodies, if filling, and scrunch the tissue paper up, leaving a few tufts sticking up, and stuff into just the top of the carrot.

You don’t have to be a fan of munching on carrots to love this fun, easy Rolled Paper Carrots craft! Be sure to check out more of our Easter crafts and ideas at Our Kid Things!

Cone Paper Carrots Craft, Treat Containers #spring #Easter

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