Transitioning from Daycare to Kindergarten

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My littlest guy is growing up way too fast. At only 2 years of age, it almost feels like we’re going to be discussing the grand subject of what college he’ll be going to soon. In reality, I know we have a way to go until we find ourselves in need of that conversation. Although my oldest child is 16, we are thinking about colleges, and I could swear he was a toddler just yesterday. I’m in the midst of both ends of the spectrum.

It’s truly incredible and bittersweet just how fast the years race by.

It may not be colleges that we have to consider for him right now, but we have discussed another important life decision. Namely, daycare. Yes, what daycare is right for him, for us, and the best to transition him to kindergarten. Because not only are these early years crucial, but they go by in a blink of an eye, and there’s no time left for second chances. No pressure or anything.

Transitioning from Daycare to Kindergarten

When the decision has been made to enroll a child in daycare, there are a head-spinning number of things to consider. From the staff and their experience to comfort levels of the kids already in attendance to health and safety concerns. Then, of course, there’s the matter of what the kids will be doing, activities planned, and how they will be taught during the day.

For us, we’re thinking about daycare as a transition to kindergarten. Why is daycare the perfect first step for getting kids ready for kindergarten?

Transitioning from Daycare to Kindergarten

  • A chance for him to socialize with other kids his age and get used to a group environment, with all the noise and attitudes that he doesn’t regularly get to see from his older siblings. He goes to the park and has a blast there, making friends as easily as a 2 year old can. But he’s still not used to a class of kids his age.
  • The educational benefits are another reason to consider daycare as a transition to kindergarten. We can do the best we can at home to start them in the right direction, but trained staff would make sure they have the necessary tools needed to succeed once they get to school. Skills for kindergarten readiness which include coloring, forming letters and cutting out shapes are all great for getting kids ahead.
  • At daycare, toddlers can get used to a class environment with a teacher that they need to listen to and respect, as well as directions to follow.

It’s not for everyone. And truthfully, none of my other kids ever attended daycare or preschool, for that matter. However, with these ideas in mind, the transition to kindergarten should be a lot smoother, with hopefully less tears, with good daycare setting in place. It’s hard enough to give our babies over to someone else for the day, but when they’re excited, happy to be there, and learning new things every day, it makes the transition a lot easier. That goes for everyone, parents and kids.

Now, colleges. Who’s ready for that?!

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