New Year, New Gadgets:Tech Trends in 2020

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New Year, New Gadgets:Tech Trends in 2020
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There are hundreds of gadgets on the market at the moment to make your life easier. From self-brewing coffee pots to smart watches – the choice can be pretty overwhelming. Here, we’ve got a list of some of the best tech that’s on the market – and some that won’t be hitting our lives just yet – along with how some of it can save you time, energy and money.

No New Tesla

If you’ve been keeping track of Elon Musk’s list of unfulfilled promises, this one won’t some as any surprise to you. The company itself is saying that production won’t begin until 2021, which owners receiving the first shipments in 2022. But worth noting because, while we all were once waiting with bated breath for this long-heralded beauty, companies like BMW and Ford are getting ahead of the game when it comes to electric vehicles. Don’t hold your breath for a Tesla, but think about looking elsewhere if you’re considering making the switch to an electric car.

VR is Back (Maybe)

While some of you might argue that VR has never truly gone away, it’s been available, bubbling away under the surface but never seeming to really get going in terms of actually being “the next big thing” in gaming that we were all promised. Whilst there are some excellent games for VR, what could really shift the balance in 2020 is a new edition of the Half Life series, beloved by many, which will come out exclusively to VR. We will see what happens…

Cable and Satellite Services Will Lose Out

Gone are the days when we had to be religiously tied to a service provider in order to access TV and films. You might think that Netflix, YouTube and Amazon provide you with enough entertainment, but if you’re committed to keeping the range of options available with channels, a device from TroyPoint might be for you. Internet Protocol Television is destined to take off this year, and will allow you to access hundreds or thousands of channels just through your internet, without the need of a costly service provider.

Policy Gets Involved with Wellbeing and Tech

2018 saw both Google and Apple launch screen time regulation controls and, with more and more people being aware of the addictive nature of screens as well as the detriment they can have to our health and wellbeing, we may start to see policy makers passing opinions on tech. Anticipate years of legal wrangling over this – but what it looks like in practice remains to be seen.

Whatever you’re planning in terms of technological home improvements, do your research before you commit to purchasing. Whether you’re looking for a smart coffee maker that will wake you up with a fresh brew, or a home projector, there’s never been a better time to invest in a smart home which will improve your quality of life. Improvements are occurring all the time, so keep an eye on the newest advancements in case you want to upgrade your existing tech.

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