Why should you choose early learning services, and what do they teach children?

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Most child experts agree that a child should start their learning process early on in life. It helps them develop confidence, build self-esteem, achieve high coordination, and experience greater creativity.

Why should you choose early learning services, and what do they teach children?

What kind of things they learn in their younger days has a lasting effect throughout their school life, as it builds a solid foundation. The best way to ensure they receive the maximum benefits of early education is to put them into a childcare facility.

These facilities provide early learning services under the care and guidance of qualified educators. They have a well-defined curriculum that caters to each age group, including nursery, toddler, pre-kindy, and kindergarten.

It helps them develop social skills and benefits them in many other ways. However, it is necessary to choose a service that has experience with early learning. What are the things you should consider while doing that? Read on to find out.

Why should you choose them?

Putting your little one in a service that provides early learning has many benefits, including the positive environment they find themselves in.

At such facilities, children interact with others of the same age. They play games, participate in activities, learn together, and in the process, develop essential social skills like sharing, empathy, communication, and mutual respect.

Furthermore, these centres have qualified educators who inspire, support, motivate, and guide the children at every learning stage. They create a supportive, interactive, and learning environment which helps children develop their skills and grow emotionally, mentally and physically.

Even though homecare has some benefits, it is insufficient to prepare your child for further education, and that is why most parents prefer these services to a home-based approach.

Things children learn in early learning services

As mentioned, good childcare services have a structured curriculum, which they divide depending on the child’s requirements. Usually, they separate it between nursery, toddler, pre-kindy, and kindergarten levels.

Nursery level

Nurseries are ideal for children between zero to two years old. Their brains develop at a rapid pace during this time, and it’s essential they grow under the proper guidance. The centres have nursery rooms with calm and relaxed environments, which encourage the child to express themselves while having fun.

For toddlers

At the toddler level, the educators introduce the children to learning with a play-based approach by using activities and games that bring out their individuality. The centre creates programs that are insightful, interactive and fun.

Kids getting ready for kindergarten

Some services offer pre-kindy programs, which prepare the child for kindergarten. Also known as the preschool stage, it’s ideal for children between three to four years and reaches developmental milestones like taking the first step, waving, and learning to smile.

Kindergarten: preparing children for formal schooling

Once the child reaches four years of age, they are ready for kindergarten., which prepares them for school programming as they transition into a structured routine and formal learning environment.

It is better to choose services that have a School Readiness Program, which helps kids build emotional, cognitive, and social skills. It teaches them to control their emotions, show empathy and consideration for others, ask for help whenever required, develop reading, writing and listening skills, and care for their things.

How to choose an early learning service?

Before choosing a service, it would be helpful to check if they adhere to the National Quality Standards (NQS) set by the National Quality Framework (NQF). It has seven quality areas that every daycare is obliged to follow.

The areas deal with safety practices, access to indoor and outdoor spaces, maintenance of equipment and premises, an interactive and amicable environment and qualified educators with basic knowledge of first-aid training.

These are some benefits of putting your child into early learning services. A welcoming environment, dedicated educators, and growth opportunities ensure your child gets ready for the educational journey ahead.

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