18 Earth Day Crafts

One of my favorite ways of crafting with my kids is by repurposing items that would normally go in the trash or recycling bin. Items such as bottle caps, plastic bottles, soda cans, newspapers, and empty jars all have tremendous possibilities with so many beautiful results. The following 18 Earth Day Crafts are so much better than just throwing it all away, too. Not to mention, less trash is always better for the environment, as well.

18 Earth Day Crafts

With Earth Day quickly approaching, why not make something to celebrate the Earth out of what we have around the house? Below you will find 18 Earth Day Crafts perfect for celebrating the world we live in, keeping it beautiful, and showcasing some creativity, as well.

18 Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day Butterfly – Kids Activities Blog

Earth Day Tin Can Bird Feeder – Turning the Clock Back

Earth Day Pressed Tissue Paper Art – Playdough and Popsicles

Bottle Cap Garden Art – Suburbia Unwrapped

Newspaper Flowers Craft – Kid Things

Earth Day Hand & Arm Print Trees – Kids Activities Blog

Lady Bug Bottle Cap Magnet – Suburbia Unwrapped

Earth Day Golf Ball Lady Bug Craft – Turning the Clock Back

Seedling Earth Day Cupcakes – Saved by Grace Blog

Upcycled Bud Vase – A Spectacled Owl

Earth Day Buggy Birdfeeder – Stockpiling Moms

Stained Glass Earth Craft – Mum in the Madhouse

Paper Plate Earth Day – The Chaos and the Clutter

Earth Day Recycle Bin Craft – The OT Toolbox

Earth Day CD Ornament – Kid Things

Cereal Box Cat with Juice Box Kittens – Kids Activities Blog

Paper Mache Earth Craft – Natural Beach Living

Planet Earth Pom Poms – Cutting Tiny Bites

How are you celebrating the Earth this Earth Day? You can find a few more Earth Day crafts and ideas at Kid Things, too!

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