3 Great Reasons To Blog Your Parenting Journey

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Throughout the journey of raising our kids, we’re told time and again that we should treasure the moments we have with them. We’re reminded over and over again that these moments won’t come back and that we should do what we can to preserve our memories. In the digital age, of course, this is far easier for us than it was for our forebears. If we want to remember a precious moment from last year, we can just scroll backwards through our social media feeds. Heck, even Facebook prompts us with helpful reminders of memories from years gone by. Yet, while this is helpful it’s somewhat lacking in a sense of poetry and romance. We get a snapshot of the moment in question but little memory of how it felt. This is just one of the many reasons why you should blog your journey as a parent. Today there’s a plethora of parenting blogs, covering every aspect of the process. But the beauty is that there’s always room for one more. If you’ve always fancied yourself an aspiring writer, here are some seriously compelling reasons why you should consider joining the ranks of the bloggers…

3 Great Reasons To Blog Your Parenting Journey
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It’s fun, therapeutic and helps to seal the memories in your mind

The process of writing is enjoyable and cathartic. It has an uncanny ability to make us ruminate on a memory in order to translate it into words which are entertaining to read. When your son or daughter says or does something hilarious, sweet or moving we get to relive that moment with a smile as we crystallize it into words and share it with a global audience. The process not only allows us to relive those wonderful moments, but helps to seal them into our minds more vividly, allowing us to relive them more vividly when we revisit our old blog posts.

It could be surprisingly lucrative

While your blog may start out as a fun exercise and a useful way of documenting your stories, thoughts, reflections and advice, once it grows a following it could blossom into something quite lucrative. There are legions of other parents who love nothing more than to read the blogs of other parents with their morning coffee or scour other parenting blogs for advice on common parenting quandaries. Once you’ve found your niche you could find yourself a go-to source of information and witticisms for parents just like you all over the world.

As your following grows the value of your brand will increase. You will be able to monetize your blog by opening it up to advertisers, selling merchandise from DesignBrandPrint.com/products/apparel or allowing your followers to use Patreon to supplement the income from your day job. Indeed, in time, you may even be able to quit your day job and make a full time living from your blog.

It could be an invaluable resource to other parents

While there are many things that you personally will get out of blogging your parenting journey, the biggest beneficiaries may actually be your fellow parents. Once you’ve chosen a specific niche, parents will come to your blog every day to seek advice on nutrition, money management, discipline and behavior management or simply a daily fix of your very own brand of entertaining and informative content.

Most blogging platforms offer comprehensive and free solutions to new bloggers, so why not start today?

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