3-Leaf Clover Macaroni Craft

Mostly what I remember of St. Patrick’s Day has to do with pinching. Dare go to school as a kid without wearing green and you’re bound to get pinched. But did you know that the original color associated with Saint Patrick was blue? Green soon took over, however, as shamrocks and clover-inspired designs became a feature of the day.

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With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, Buzz and I made this festive 3-Leaf Clover Macaroni Craft. Using elbow macaroni noodles which I always have in the cabinet, glue, green construction paper and a green marker.

3-Leaf Clover Macaroni Craft

Materials Needed

  • elbow macaroni noodles
  • green construction paper
  • green marker
  • glue

The most difficult aspect of this craft, which isn’t very difficult at all, is figuring out which side of the elbow macaroni to place glue on. You want the macaroni noodles to curve into each other almost like a heart, and one side is better for this than the other. Then, use an extra noodle for the stem.

Glue macaroni noodles together into as many 3-leaf clovers as you’d like on the page. We settled on 5 clovers, 1 for each member of our family.

After all of your clovers are glued onto the page, take your green marker and color the top of the noodles. I didn’t want to color the entire noodle because I like the dimension this method gives.

3 leaf clover mac color

To finish, Buzz wrote out a Happy St. Patrick’s Day wish on white paper using the same green marker. I then cut that out and glued it on our 3-leaf clover craft sheet.

These 3-leaf clovers are a fun craft that kids can do without much supervision, along with a great way to observe the day. It’s hard to imagine St. Patrick’s Day being anything but green and shamrocks, and we have both covered here. Though don’t forget to wear green, as well. That is, unless you like to be pinched.


  1. What a wonderful craft! We have all of the supplies in the house already, so I know something we will be doing this weekend!!

    Oh, and my St. Patrick’s day memories are similar to yours… of course, these days, they would suspend a kid from school for pinching… and maybe even call the cops and accuse the 5-year-old of assault.

  2. Oh, what fun! I am not subbing this week, or I’d do this with one of my classes. I love macaroni crafts because they tend to be less of a mess than the typical k-3 art choices 🙂

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