4 Ways to Savor More Precious Moments With Your Kids

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When your children are young, you might hear the word “mommy” a thousand times a day! They will follow you around everywhere, and there might even be times where you wish for a moment alone.

But, as they get older, they become more independent. In their teen years, they might not want to spend as much time with you. While different children have different attachment styles, teenage stereotypes are in place for a reason.

So, what can you do as a parent to savor your children at any given moment? Many times, we tend to overlook the ‘little things’ and try to focus on major memories or big milestones. Blogging your parenting journey is a great way to remember more of those little things, but what about the small details that occur each day? But, by putting some of these little tips and tricks into your daily life, you can savor more moments on a daily basis that will stay with you forever.

4 Ways to Savor More Precious Moments With Your Kids

1. Brush Their Hair

Take a few minutes each day to brush your child’s hair when they are young – even if they are boys with short locks! Not only is it a calming bonding moment, but as your child gets a bit older, it can be a time to initiate conversation and talk about things you might not have a chance to otherwise.

2. Watch Them While They Sleep

After you tuck your child in at night, spend some time watching them peacefully sleep. You may have already done this when they were infants, but it looks just as angelic when they are children and even young teens, too. Watching them in this state for a few minutes can remind you of how lucky you are, and how fast time seems to fly.

3. Turn Everyday Moments Into Artwork

Taking as many photos as possible is a great way to remember the small things that happen each day. But, you can even turn those photos into works of art by using services like Instapainting.

Don’t just take pictures of milestone moments. Sometimes, the simple candid shots end up being the most memorable!

4. Plan One-on-One Dates

This is an especially effective action if you have multiple children. But, even if you only have one child, set aside a time for just the two of you to go out and have fun. Your busy schedule might get in the way of spending as much time with your child as you would like.

So, by planning a “date” night once a week or once a month, you can fully engage yourself in your child and what they have to say. You’ll make some incredible memories, and this is something you can do well into their teenage years!

You know your child(ren) better than anyone. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the everyday ways you savor each moment with them. You might be surprised to find out that the little things end up being what you remember most, and what you look back on with happiness.

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