5 Fun Christmas Games For Your Kids

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5 Fun Christmas Games For Your Kids

When it comes to the holiday season, it’s all about having fun with the kids. Christmas is a great opportunity to spend lots of quality time together and make many fun memories. Your kids will likely already have their favourite Christmas games that they love to play around the holidays. Yet for those of you looking for a little more inspiration, these five are all super easy and lots of fun!

1 . Christmas Themed Bingo

Bingo is one of those old favourite games that can keep kids entertained for ages. It’s really simple to play and is engaging for a wide range of age groups. It can be a great touch to offer some Christmas candy as prizes to make the game extra fun. You can buy Christmas bingo cards on sites like Amazon, but if you’re looking to save a little bit of money, try some of these free printable bingo cards.

2 . Pin on Rudolph’s Nose

This Christmas variation of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ will have your kids laughing and having fun in no time at all. To make the game into a craft project too, you can create your own Rudolph instead of actually purchasing this game. Simply use some old cardboard to cut out the shape of Rudolph’s body and then use brown paint to jazz it up. Use glitter to make your Rudolph craft extra sparkly, and buy an oversized red pom-pom for the nose. (If you’re a bit crafty, you’ll probably have most of what you need in your craft box!)

5 Fun Christmas Games For Your Kids

3 . Guess The Stocking

For this one, you’ll need a Christmas stocking and a few small Christmas gifts to put inside. Objects that work well for this game could be small dolls, cars, Christmas candy, stationary like erasers, or craft materials like glitter tubes. Try to pick objects with similar shapes so that the game isn’t too easy. Have your kids close their eyes, and then feel the item in the stocking and try and guess what it is.

4 . Hide The Elf

For this one, you’ll simply need an Elf teddy. Hide the Elf in different (and comical) places around the house and offer prizes for the first child to find the Elf. To make the game more interesting, you can offer clues along the way. Clues could be hidden pieces of paper describing the room that the Elf is in (for example). Of course, be sure to keep your clues in riddles so that your kids don’t find the Elf too quickly. For a few funny elf on the shelf ideas, check out this link to spice up your game!

5. Jingle Bells

For kids who love throwing games, Jingle Bells is a great shout. Buy yourself some small jingle bells and some party cups. Line the cups up in a pattern and challenge your kids to throw the bells and try to get them into the cups from a distance. Often, the simplest of games are the most fun to play- and you can set this up easily with items you’ll probably have in the house. Make sure that you put on Christmas music when you’re playing games to get into the spirit!

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