Christmas Gift Ideas To Keep Your Kids Entertained

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Buying Christmas gifts for kids can be tough. There’s a lot of choice out there, and let’s face it – kids can be picky! It’s easy for them to move from one toy to another and get bored pretty quickly. If you can find gifts that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end, that’s when you hit the jackpot.

So what should you be buying your kids this Christmas? Take a look at the following Christmas gift ideas to keep your kids entertained.

Christmas Gift Ideas To Keep Your Kids Entertained
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Something crafty
Activities that involve building or creating something are great for kids. Not only do they give them the chance to spend hours making something that they can keep, but it can also give them a fun new hobby to enjoy.

Take a look at some easy kids crafts you can buy supplies for and keep the kids busy throughout the Christmas break. You could also buy kits that allow them to build their own toy cars, soft toys and more. Ideal for helping kids to get creative, some Christmas crafting can be a lot of fun!

A smart speaker
Smart speakers do more than just turn the lights on and off. Smart speakers are great for playing music, with playlists created just for kids, as well as for playing games. Amazon Echo and Google Home have amazing smart speakers that are ideal for kids. You can even set parental controls so that you know your kids are safe when using their speaker. Connected to other devices in your home, it can also be a handy way to announce when dinner is ready or when it’s time for bed!

A VR gaming system
Gaming has gone to a whole other level, and VR gaming, in particular, has really taken off this year. VR games provide an interactive element that will keep kids entertained for hours, as well as the adults in your family too! There are several VR systems on the market that have different price points, and the HTC Vive is one of the best kits out there right now. Take a look at some of the best VR games for HTC Vive to see the types of games that are available. With new games being released all the time, it’s a great time to invest in VR.

A tablet
Tablets make an excellent Christmas gift for kids. An affordable option like the Amazon Fire kids edition can be ideal for distracting your younger kids, as well as providing plenty of entertainment options for your older children. It’s important to set the right parental controls for your kids to stop them spending money on games and add-ons, as well ensuring that they don’t have access to unsuitable content online. With some fun apps and the ability to watch their favorite shows and read a book, a tablet can provide many, many hours of entertainment for your kids.

A Netflix subscription
If your kids are forever flicking through the TV, it might be time to get them their own Netflix or other video-on-demand subscription. It’s great because your kids will be able to watch the things they want to watch, and you get your TV to yourselves. They can easily watch on a tablet or a computer, or via a smart TV. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all Netflix hacks that parents should know to help you put all of the right controls in place.

While a Netflix subscription is great for your kids, it can be a gift the whole family will enjoy too!

Teach them how to code
Kids today are more involved with technology than ever, which is great for their futures. Schools are even teaching coding for kids lessons, broadening their options for future careers. You can give them a head start by helping them learn coding at home. There are some great games out there that help kids learn code easily, as well as books and offline activities that can keep your kids busy. Helping your kids learn how to code can also help you learn, so it’s a great way to do something fun together!

An interactive book
Interactive books can be an excellent way to keep kids entertained, and also ensures that they read more too! Some cool interactive book ideas include choose your own storybooks, which can be read again and again, to those that require kids to solve puzzles, etc. It’s easy to forget about books with all of the new technology that’s out there, but reading is an important skill and one you should be encouraging your child to do more of.

Take playing dough to the next level
Playing with dough used to be very simple, and provided so many hours of entertainment for kids. Now dough has gone to the next level, with electric and circuits dough providing a whole new way to play! You can make your own DIY electric dough, or you can buy a kit that includes some cool parts such as lights and audio components. It’s a cool way to get your kids interested in science, and it’ll be sure to pique your interest too!

Buy classic family board games
You can’t beat a family game night for hours of fun. Why not bring quality time back to your home by buying some fun family games this Christmas? Some of the best family board games include Clue and Monopoly, but you’ll find plenty of games out there to suit all interests. Why not start the New Year by choosing a night for game night each week? It will help you all spend more time together and get you away from your phones and other devices for the night!

All kids have different interests, so it’s important to find things that keep them excited and entertained. With some great ideas for Christmas up your sleeve, you can guarantee some wonderful surprise gifts that will be sure to provide tonnes of entertainment and fun this year!

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