5 Useful DIY Crafts for Students on a Budget

Many people balk at making crafts because they believe it’s expensive and time-consuming. However, this is a myth that should be busted. Although some materials can be costly, there are many reasonably-priced and affordable supplies at the arts and crafts store. And at times, these simple crafts would be much cheaper to make on your own than buying the finished, ready-made products in stores.

Those looking to de-stress from schoolwork can hire an essay writer and craft projects to calm their minds so they’ll worry less about tests and deadlines. Working with hands, channeling creative juices, and a little sprinkling of crafting magic can make a world of difference in mental health and productivity. The crafting world has a place for enthusiasts and newbies, so no matter the skill level, there’s a project for everyone. Check out these five useful DIY crafts for students on a budget that hopefully spark interest.

5 Useful DIY Crafts for Students on a Budget

1. Flavored Lip Balms
In winter or summer, lips get chapped, cracked, and irritated. And the only way to avert that is to use a nourishing lip balm. But instead of buying the expensive ones in the stores with tons of chemicals and preservatives, it would be much cheaper to make lip balm from scratch. Check out the simple and affordable ingredients plus the steps below:


  • 3 tablespoons beeswax pellets
  • 4 tablespoons oil (coconut, olive, avocado, almond, or grapeseed)
  • 2 tablespoons shea butter
  • ½ gram of flavor oil or ten drops of essential oil


Heat the ingredients, except for the flavor or essential oil, in a microwave-safe bowl. Do it slowly with 20-second increments, stirring between segments to mix the ingredients well. When things have been incorporated, infuse them with the flavor or essential oil. Finally, pour into little pots for ease of use, whether in person or gifting to friends.

This is a fun project because there are many ways to play with the recipe above. Change the color of a drop of food dye or make it shimmery with pearl powders. The flavoring also runs a whole gamut with watermelon, rootbeer, cheesecake, punch, etc. Essential oils also add flavor and benefits, like lavender for promoting calm, peppermint for healing cracked lips, and lemon oil for reducing darkness and adding extra moisture.

2. Lid Jewelry Dish
This pretty dish is cheap, fun, and easy to make because all that’s needed are enamel paints and container lids. It’s a pro-recycling project because old Nutella lids or jar covers from the cupboards can be used. And if none is available for recycling, craft box lids are available in Michaels or other crafting stores.

It’s easy to create this beautiful trinket dish. Paint any pattern that’s pleasing to the eyes, or use three different squirt enamel in a tube and ditch the paintbrush. With the latter, squirt the paint in the middle and move the lid gently to move the paint around until it covers the lid. This technique will lend an abstract design that’s pleasing to the eyes. Finally, wait for the dish to dry overnight and use it as a repository for jewelry.

5 Useful DIY Crafts for Students on a Budget

3. Tie-Dyed Shirts
Students who need a break and can’t help but mutter: “I am tired of assignments and to write my homework already!” need a fun project to boost them. Take a mental sanity break by giving old t-shirts a new lease on life with tie-dying. It may be an old-school technique, but it’s still worth exploring in these modern times since it’s a fun project that can help self-expression.

Buying a pre-packed tie-dye kit in the store is best for the most straightforward results. Use coupons to bring down the cost. Carefully follow the instructions on the package. En voila! Enjoy wearing two or three new shirts with different color streaks.

4. Make Beautiful Paper Flowers
Unlike real flowers, paper flowers will last longer, making excellent decorations for a dorm room, gifts for friends, or tokens for favorite teachers. Students can buy different types of papers for a bundle discount to make this project come to fruition. It’s a great stress reliever to shape paper into pretty flowers.

Fortunately, there are tons of templates and tutorials online to make different variants. If students become skilled in making paper flowers, they can cater to events like weddings, anniversaries, and parties that look for paper suppliers for decorations. So the potential to earn money with statement-making and unique paper flowers is high.

5. Create Usable Tote Bags
It’s easy to create personalized tote bags, and this fun project has a low barrier to entry. Students can easily buy blank cotton tote bags at an affordable price. Those looking to sell it can even get it for a steeper discount at a bulk price. Depending on skill level and creativity, there are many ways to personalize tote bags. Check them out below:

  • Hand painting
  • Embroidery
  • Silkscreening
  • Beading
  • Textile dyeing
  • Adding pockets and other details

Alternatively, vintage clothing or fabric can be upcycled and morphed into a tote bag. Students with sewing skills can find patterns online to make tote bags from scratch. With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, it’s imperative to have tote bags on hand to ditch plastic bags while shopping.

Final Thoughts on Crafting Projects
A student can do a DIY craft project without expert skills. All it takes is the desire to do something new and then give it a go. Arts and crafts not only stimulate the creative juices, but they also provide an avenue for learning. More importantly, it feels very satisfying to complete a project, and tangible results fuel a sense of accomplishment.

More importantly, experts say that crafting and engaging in art projects enhances life. They help people relax, take their minds off worries, alleviate stress, manage emotions, and reduce anxiety. And once skills have been honed, anyone can turn it into a side hustle and earn an additional source of income. So instead of just vegging out on gadgets, giving crafting a try will do a world of wonders for students.

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