6 Useful Hacks That Every Pet Owner Must Know

Written by Allen Brown.

If you are the proud owner of a furry friend, or possibly not furry, but a rather scaly or hairless friend of sorts, you will know that along with all the endless joy, love, and companionship you get, there are less favorable ‘perks’ too. These might include but are not limited to, fur everywhere, drool and nail marks, stains from various bodily excretions, as well as foul smells. Your once-pristine home has possibly seen better days. While these downsides are nothing compared to the endless list of positives that come with owning a pet, it would still be helpful to become aware of some hacks for managing these problems. This discussion is for you if you would like to focus on only the good times with your good boy or girl while protecting your home from pesky, pet damage.

6 Useful Hacks That Every Pet Owner Must Know

1. Fur, Fur, And More Fur
Fuzz, fluff, hair, coat, fleece, pelt, you name it, your carpet’s got it on it. Say goodbye to crisp beige linen sofas, carpets, and curtains as the bottom half of your place is most likely covered in a fuzz of sorts. Not only is this unsightly, but after some accumulation, it actually becomes less hygienic in terms of all the bacteria, dust, and dander that get stored in the upholstery. Your friends with pet hair allergies won’t want to sit down, nevermind visit or spend an extended period as they are sneezing from the moment they walk inside.

So what is the practical solution here? You might have guessed it. It is wise to invest in an effective vacuum cleaner that is designed for pet hair suction, as ably explained by the professionals behind howtohome.com to pet owners. These devices are able to effectively suck up all the hairy nasties that linger in the plush surfaces, both visible and not. Your allergy-prone friends will thank you!

2. Damp Stains
For all things wet or damp that comes as a poorly-timed or placed gift from your little buddy. A brilliant way to remove a stain and odor is to remove the excess ‘business’ and then pour a little baking soda over the mark. Leave it to sit for a while, and then scrub away removing the smell and mark together.

3. Walnut Wood
If your home has hardwood floors, you might suffer from pet claw scratches. Try taking a walnut to the wood and rubbing it against the scratch. Incredibly the walnut secretes oil that is helpful in repairing wood damage. For scratches on glass, the tip is to try toothpaste. Squeeze out a dollop and scrub it on the damaged area with a scouring sponge.

4. No More Clogged Drains
Does your pet enjoy the occasional good soak and scrub in the tub from you? Or maybe he or she doesn’t and it’s a bit of a soapy, splashy struggle. Regardless, a creative way to solve the issue of the drain becoming clogged with pet fur is to put a baby wipe or makeup-removing wipe over the drain to catch all the strays.

5. Save Your Washing Machine Drain Too
The same goes for protecting your washing machine piping. You can buy special detergents that have a dissolving component designed to break down pet hair. Add a scoop to your load and it will dissolve all pet hairs that get washed. Everything from your pet bed cover to your pillowcases, to your old sweatshirt, can now get chucked in and your washing machine won’t suffer.

6 Useful Hacks That Every Pet Owner Must Know

6. Kit Out Your Space
If your pet is using items from your home as a toy, such as your slipper for chewing or curtains as a scratch post, they are probably seeking stimulation and using what is available. Redirect these very normal pet behaviors by buying items that are appropriate for scratching or chewing. Ideas range from squeaky toys to balls to scratch posts. On top of this, make sure your pet is getting enough outdoor time to burn any excess energy they might have. This is more applicable to the dog variety of pets.

Owning a pet is both a joy and a privilege. These ever-friendly, loving, and enthusiastic little creatures adoring company is enough to brighten even the glummest of souls. Many people’s pets bring them a sense of fulfillment and purpose that they did not have before owning a pet. However, like many things in life, all rewards come with risks. Instead of allowing your home to become ‘that pet house’ that smells and looks like a barnyard, you can implement some simple tools and tricks to protect your space. It does not need to cost a lot, nor require a lot of effort. It is about making small and creative adaptations to preserve your home environment. Allow your guests to enter your home and exclaim, “You have pets? I never would have guessed!”.

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