Are You Keen To Pass On The Gift Of Giving?

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Are You Keen To Pass On The Gift Of Giving?
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When our kids are young, gift-giving isn’t exactly on their radar. Their allowance likely goes straight on that toy they’ve been eyeing, even if their friend’s birthday is coming up.

As exasperating as this can be, it’s a natural part of growing up. While there are exceptions, children aren’t inherently programmed to think about others. In fact, many kids cannot consider other people at such a young age.

This isn’t a blight on their personalities, but rather a fact of life. Empathy, and the ability to consider others, is something we learn along the way. And, gift-giving is no exception. The chances are that you;ll have to spend plenty of your youngster’s lives buying gifts on their behalf.

But, with father’s day coming up, you may well be wondering whether this is the year you should encourage them into independent gift-giving habits. And, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Let them fund gifts themselves

As a parent, the chances are you’re used to jumping in when your child has a gift to buy. After all, this can often seem like the easiest and fastest way to deal with the issue. But, they’re never going to learn if you don’t give them a chance! With that in mind, you must resist the urge and start letting them fund gifts for themselves. The simple act of spending their own money on funny fathers day t shirts or a gift they know their friends would love can work wonders for providing them with that giving buzz. And, once they get into that habit, you may find that you can’t stop them from buying treats for their loved ones.

Teach them that it isn’t all about the money

Of course, we all know that the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, not the purse strings. Hence why, once you’ve let them fund a few gifts themselves, you should also encourage your children towards more meaningful options, like these father’s day crafts. These are ideal for kids who don’t have much cash behind them and could quickly end up being the best options of all. So, make it clear to them that making something meaningful could be the best form of giving going.

Encourage them to get personal

Whether they’re buying or making gifts, you should also let your youngster know how vital it is that they get personal here. After all, kids will often make the mistake of buying things that they like, without thinking about their recipient. Instead, encourage them to think about each person’s tastes and preferences. This way, they’ll be better able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and truly consider what that person might like. Ultimately, this will be a skill that makes them a fantastic gift-giver in the future.

Teaching kids to care about gift-giving isn’t always easy, and that can be disheartening. But, if you stick with it, the gift of giving will surely soon sink in.

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