Benefits of Solar Energy for the Whole Family

Solar energy has a very bright future in the USA. At present, researchers are predicting that by 2030 it will account for almost 30 % of all electricity generated in the USA. Of course, it won’t do any good unless you know that your solar panels are working. Although solar energy can be leveraged with great success by large industrial and commercial entities, it is skyrocketing in popularity among private homeowners. In fact, at the end of 2020, there were already 2.7 million residential solar systems in the country. From being good for the environment and saving money to serving as a learning opportunity for children, here’s how switching to solar can benefit the entire family.

Benefits of Solar Energy for the Whole Family

It Doesn’t Harm the Environment

With climate change intensifying by the day, there is no guarantee that our children will have a healthy planet to call home. Switching to solar energy is one of the simplest ways to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Solar energy is also a lot kinder to the environment in general. Apart from reducing air pollution and helping to slow down climate change in general, solar energy also uses a lot less water than other methods of power generation. Solar energy reduces the need for fossil fuels and brings us one step closer to undoing some of the damage that was inflicted on the environment. By doing so, a greener future is guaranteed for our children.

Solar Energy is Cheaper

One of the biggest benefits of installing solar is the reduction in energy bills you will enjoy. Depending on where you stay in the country, you may also qualify for a number of solar incentives. If you are in Florida, for example, you can offset your installation costs with the Federal Solar Investment Tax incentive as well as a range of local incentives. New York residents, on the other hand, can benefit from NY-Sun Megawatt Block Incentive and the Solar Energy System Equipment Credit. With the money you save by switching to solar, you might be able to afford that family holiday or new games room that you have been dreaming of.

It Provides Ample Learning Opportunities

A solar energy installation can be leveraged in a number of ways to fully harness its potential. This includes teaching your whole family, including younger children, to be smart with their energy usage. Start by programming high-energy appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers to run during the day when energy generation is at its peak. Children are already learning about renewable energy at school from a young age and due to their natural curiosity, they will likely be extremely interested in your home solar energy setup. Make the most of this opportunity by not only teaching them how solar energy is powering your home but also about its many benefits. You can also teach them about the value of money and how making smart decisions can end up saving them a lot of money in the long run.

Solar installations are becoming increasingly popular among families in the USA. This should come as no surprise considering all the benefits switching to solar has to offer.

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