Paper Plate Fish Craft

Oh, I’ve had an eventful 10 days or so. But before the events of the past couple weeks happened, we made this adorable Paper Plate Fish Craft. And it uses plastic spoons as scales for a fun bit of texture!

Paper Plate Fish Craft main image.

So the reason why it’s taken so long to get this adorable fish craft posted is because I broke my ankle. All 3 bones. Slid down the last few steps of my basement stairs, and landed right on it. Just a few days ago I had surgery to repair it and it all still really hurts. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, though, if nothing else than to keep my mind off of it. So let’s get back to the cute fish craft, shall we?

Paper Plate Fish Craft styled image.

Make a Fish Craft with a Paper Plate

Paper Plate Fish Craft supplies needed.

To make this adorable Paper Plate Fish Craft you will need paper plates, acrylic paint, plastic spoons, a medium sized googly eye, scissors, and hot glue.

Paper Plate Fish Craft Supplies Needed

  • Paper plates
  • Plastic spoons
  • Acrylic paint – orange, black, red, purple, etc.
  • Googly eyes, medium
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Colorful Fish Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin with a regular paper plate. You will need 2 paper plates per fish.

Rough sketch of fish on paper plate.

Make a rough sketch of a body of the fish onto the paper plate, and draw 7 sections on the fish.

Cut out fish body shape.

Then cut out the main body.

Paint the fish.

Next, paint every other section the color of your fish. For this one we chose orange. Leave alternate spaces white.

Add black paint details.

Add black paint for details

Carefully cut plastic spoons.

Next, have an adult carefully cut the plastic spoons.

Glue spoons onto fish.

Glue spoons onto fish.

Glue the spoons onto the painted paper plate for scales.

Paint spoons to match fish

Paint spoons to match the fish.

Glue a googly eye.

Add the googly eye.

Draw tail and 2 fins on another paper plate, cut out.

Now, draw the tail and two fins on another paper plate. Cut them out.

Paint fins and tail.

Paint the tail and fins orange with a touch of black paint for detail.

Glue the fins and tail in place.

Glue the fins and tail in place

Paint a simple black mouth.

Finally, use a bit more black paint to draw the mouth of the fish. Such a fun summer ocean craft! We really love the texture from the plastic spoons.

Paper Plate Fish Craft.

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