Cereal Sunshine Craft

“They” say you’re not supposed to play with your food. “They” don’t know what they’re talking about, though, because playing with your food is fun. “They” should really check out this Cereal Sunshine Craft!

Cereal Sunshine Craft

It’s easy to turn a simple box of cereal into a fun Cereal Sunshine Craft. Take some O-shaped cereal and string it through pipe cleaners to make a Cereal Sunshine Craft. Glue a couple extra O’s of cereal for eyes, draw on a happy smile and you have a fun way to pass some time at breakfast or any time!

Cereal Sunshine Craft

Supplies needed:

  • O-shaped cereal
  • 4 pipe cleaners
  • colorful paper
  • marker for smile
  • glue
  • scissors

First, string your cereal through a long pipe cleaner. Twist the end together to form a circle. Cut off any excess.

Take your other 3 long pipe cleaners and cut each into 4th’s for the sun’s rays. You’ll only need 10, so there’ll be 2 left over. Twist one end of each ray between the cereal on your circle, spaced as evenly as possible. String the cereal onto each ray, leaving a bit on the end to bend down and tuck under. Continue until all rays are complete. That’s your sun!

Glue 2 more O’s of cereal onto the middle of a sheet of colorful paper. Color on a smile. You can also glue the sun onto the sheet of paper if you’d like.

Just one more reason to never listen to “them”. Have fun playing with your food!


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