Children Fears at School: Ways to Cope With The Problem

Children are mostly faced with stress in school. These stresses are the results of their fears. Most of their fears are natural, and that’s what makes them kids. Parents usually want to help their children cope with their fears, but some experts go against the idea. They should rather be trained to face their fears and overcome them. It would help build their self-confidence and independence. In simple terms, parents must let their kids be comfortable because it’ll help them figure things out alone.

Children Fears at School: Ways to Cope With The Problem

However, some of their school fears are due to petty things. Parents should deem it fit to study this topic and help their wards cope with stress. They should read to learn about coping mechanisms for kids who fear school. They should read essay examples of other parents with their experiences, and how they were able to help their kids get over their fears at school. You can also source more information online as that will guide dealing with similar cases.

Also, parents need to take their children’s fear seriously. They should ensure they take their time in helping to manage the anxiety. The best way a child can cope with their fears is by having approachable guardians who can listen to their worries.

What do Children Fear the Most, and What Causes them stress

Children fear several insignificant things. It is a result of their age and experience. A study has it that students between the ages of 2-14 have things they fear. Some of the things kids fear include:

  • Staying in the Dark
  • Being alone
  • Objects or animals like dogs.
  • An intruder
  • A Bully

They are usually stressed if they can’t protect themselves from this anxiety. It eventually takes a toll on their performance.

How To Deal With Fears At School

There are different ways to remove fear from a child’s mind. They include:

  • Self Regulation: Parents must help remove fears from a child’s mind. A study has it that about 90% of kids between the ages of 2-14 have anxieties. The guardian must ensure they allow their wards to feel a little uncomfortable in school to figure out how to avoid such problems.
  • Allow The Kids to Express themselves on What Scares them: Some of the anxieties kids have result from little problems or issues. These issues are petty, but to them, it seems so huge. Some kids might be scared of being alone, staying in the dark, animals, or imaginary things. This will enable guardians to know where they can channel their help.
  • Get Help from Teachers and Specialists: If you discover your child has a fear of school, involve his teacher. The reason your child dreaded school might be because of a bully. Alert the teacher and the school authority about the bullying situation. This is to ensure the safety of your ward.
  • Help the child keep a plan: You should have a plan if there is a change in his anxiety. If you notice the situation persists, you might need to learn more tactics to help combat this fear. Also, in some situations, you might decide to consult a professional.

Reading Resources and Essay Examples For Parents.

Parents have a lot of roles to play in ensuring the safety of their kids. Fears in children also have their advantages. When a child shows their anxiety about a particular person or situation, it might be harmful to them. A child afraid of an intruder will help the parents act quickly to prevent him from being subjected to abuse.

Children Fears at School: Ways to Cope With The Problem

However, they need to consult resources and books that would reveal coping mechanisms for children.

  • 1. Essays: They should read essays about guardians with similar problems with their wards. What action did they undergo to make him cope with the problem?
  • 2. Biographies: Stories about kids who are easily scared or anxious and how they came out of it will be helpful for guardians. It will serve as a coping mechanism for them.
  • 3. Guides: Books like guides that address fears in children will go a long way to help guardians proffer solutions to anxiety issues.


Children’s fear at school can be a challenging problem. Although, you can easily combat it if you’re proactive. You need to discover what makes your wards anxious. You also know the techniques and tactics to make them stop being anxious. However, you can’t do it alone. Be free to seek help through books and professional individuals. Some individuals have similar cases with their wards and are ready to share tips on how the issue was resolved.

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