Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer

Just a few days ago, someone gave me a box full of Christmas decorations. Festive trinkets, magnets, stockings, and a couple boxes of smaller red ornaments. I love boxes like that, because not only do I like decorating for the holidays, but it also gets my creativity working. Almost immediately, I thought it would be fun to use the small red ornaments as Rudolph noses in this Cardboard Roll Christmas Ornament Rudolph craft!

Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer Kids Craft

For our Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer, you’ll need some clean cardboard rolls. You’ll also need smaller red ornaments. These are actually medium sized ornaments. They’re smaller than the usual size you’d put on a tree, but I’ve also seen smaller. Then, small googly eyes, brown pipe cleaners, a ¼” hole punch, scissors, regular glue and hot glue.

Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer Kids Craft

Then, you’ll cut a circle out of the cardboard roll so that the ornament can nestle in snuggly. We did this by first punching with a 1” hole punch, then trimming around with scissors until hit the right size. This wasn’t very precise and I’m sure you could measure around the ornament for a more accurate and quick cut. Twist on some brown pipe cleaners for antlers, glue on googly eyes, then hot glue the ornament nestled in the cardboard roll. And you have the cutest Christmas Ornament Rudolph!

Cardboard Roll Rudolph

Supplies needed:

  • cardboard rolls
  • smaller red ornaments
  • small googly eyes
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • ¼” hole punch
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • hot glue & school glue
  • 1” hole punch (optional)

First, cut a hole from a cardboard roll just large enough to nestle an ornament. I did this by first punching with a 1” hole punch and trimming around to desired size. It will look like your cardboard roll is screaming, which is kind of funny. Leave be for now.

Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer Kids Craft

Punch 2 holes with your ¼” hole punch along the top on either side of the cardboard roll. Take a brown pipe cleaner and slide half through the hole, then carefully but securely twist a few times together at the hole. Bend the rest of both in a zigzag pattern.

Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer Kids Craft

Glue on googly eyes. Draw a fun mouth with the black marker.

Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer Kids Craft

Apply hot glue around the edge of the hole for the ornament and nestle the ornament in the hole. Hold until glue dries. More glue can be applied once inserted if there are any gaps.

Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer Kids Craft

These Christmas Ornament Rudolph Reindeer would look so cute on a tree, but they’d also be a wonderful decoration on a mantle, hanging on garland, or just a fun craft for the kids. Be sure to check out more Christmas craft ideas and recipes at Our Kid Things!


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