Crafty Travelers’ Essentials: Tools and Techniques for 2024

The problems associated with flying are still very much in the thoughts of the majority of the craft travelers who recently came from Maker Faire. What do you think of that, then? Are you able to carry scissors? Hooks made out of crochet? Needle knitting? 

On long trips, how are you meant to bring your craft on when you’re afraid the TSA could seize your most beloved tool? The rules are imprecise and occasionally seem to go against one another. 

This is a thorough list of essential equipment and tools for crafters that will come in useful for an assortment of project completions while traveling. Therefore, these are the top 4 essential craft equipment and tools that any crafty traveler should own. Let’s get started!

  1. Scissors

Carry-on baggage is permitted for “scissors – metal with sharp edges and blades smaller than four inches.” For every crafty traveler, this is an evident option for tools! For a variety of tasks, scissors are necessary, so it’s wise to spend your money on a resilient, long-lasting pair. 

If you’re boarding that dream cruise to Italy to meet your inner crafty traveler’s desire, you should carry scissors or some decorative scissors to make some amazing paper crafts on your vacation with your family. 

  1. Knitting needles and crochet hooks

On domestic flights in the US, the TSA allows them in as checked baggage. Astute tourists recommend bringing round knitting needles rather than straighter ones, which may appear more noticeable and prefer carrying wooden or plastic needles over metal ones. 

If you are traveling abroad, be vigilant in reviewing the policies of both the foreign security officials and the airline you are flying with. Knitting needles may be permitted in your carry-on while traveling in some countries, but you will have to have them checked for your return trip.

  1. Paper trimmer

One of the most fundamental and necessary materials for crafting is a paper trimmer. When you have extreme confidence in your ability to cut paper with a knife or scissors, you should get a paper trimmer. 

A paper trimmer is essential for any DIY activity you choose to undertake since it ensures a consistent, well-groomed, and polished finish every time. For making precise cuts and removing large amounts of paper, this is the ideal craft tool to carry. 

  1. Adhesives

Adhesives are an indispensable craft item unless you’re only designing origami. The best recommendation for selecting adhesives is to select the type that best suits what you require for making. 

Because not all adhesives are created equal, it’s crucial to do your homework before selecting one for your creative mixed-media crafts or artistic notebooks. Nonetheless, a few of the most significant adhesives that are well worth looking into include dual-sided adhesives, foam tape, liquid glue, glue tape, masking tape, etc. 

Working with paper has a natural sense of fulfillment. It could be the plethora of imaginative options or the historical significance of paper being one of the first media for interaction. Moreover, paper crafting is a widespread activity that appeals to every age group. So, if you’re traveling soon, don’t forget to carry these essential tools to craft something beautiful for your loved one or kid! 

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