Bottle Lid Photo Snowman Ornaments

How many cold coffee drink lids can you accumulate in a week? Let’s see, 7 days in a week, so I can easily get 7 myself. I’m a little bit addicted. Might as well put that addiction to good use for the holidays with these Bottle Lid Photo Snowman Ornaments.

Bottle Lid Photo Snowman Ornaments

Easy to make in minutes, these ornaments can be made with any lid you have lying around, as long as they fit in the circles of the snowman. I literally made all 3 of these ornaments for my kids in under half an hour, and most of that was spent trying to get the first one constructed correctly. The other 2 simply followed suit.

I found objects lying around my kitchen to trace for the different sized circles. Get out your glue and hole punch and the rest breezes by like a cold afternoon in December.

Bottle Lid Photo Snowman Ornaments

Supplies needed:

  • white, black, red, orange cardstock
  • photographs
  • bottle lids/caps
  • hole punch
  • glue
  • scissors
  • red yarn

This craft is a lot of cutting out basic shapes, which would be perfect for kids. Cut 3 circles in white cardstock, each increasing in size. Cut a long rectangle in red for the scarf, as well as a rectangle and square in black for the hat. Trim one end of your scarf to fit around the middle circle, then a notch on the other end. Cut a triangle in orange for the carrot nose. Glue all of that together in the form of a snowman.

Find photographs to use and cut to fit inside the lid. I used their school pictures. Glue lid onto the bottom circle of the snowman.

With the hole punch, punch circles out of the black cardstock for the snowman’s buttons and eyes. Glue those into place. Also punch a punch a hole in his hat and tie a piece of yarn through to hang from the tree.

Bottle Lid Photo Snowman Ornaments

So much cuter than just throwing all those lids and caps away!


  1. That is so cute! We love doing crafts especially during the holidays. Adding this to my craft to do list. Cute, simple and cheap to make thanks

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