Easy And Practical Art Activities You Can Try With Your Kids At Home

Written by Allen Brown.

Art for kids comes with numerous benefits. It encourages your children to express themselves through art, improve their motor skills, develop patience, increase concentration and develop problem-solving abilities. When kids complete a project they’ve worked on, it boosts their self-esteem, plus art is also fun.

Easy And Practical Art Activities You Can Try With Your Kids At Home

So if you are looking for something to keep your kids busy with activities that’s fun and easy to handle, then stick around for some fun and practical ideas. Sometimes, parents with kids around the house and a baby can be somehow overwhelming, and when you want to tend to the baby or change the baby on a pad cover, you want the other kids occupied doing something fun.

Natural art collage
To start this amazing art activity, you need to print a full-body image of your kid. Stick the image with tape on a table. Ensure you cover the area with newspapers or do this outside because it can get a bit messy. After doing so, let them go outside and gather supplies. They can get simple supplies such as leaves, flowers, twigs, etc.

After collecting the items, you glue the items to the image to create a beautiful art collage that you can even hang at home.

The big reveal
The big reveal is another simple and easy art activity you can encourage your kids to try. All you need for this are watercolor paints, a paintbrush, watercolor paper, painter’s tape, stickers, and crayons.

Start by taping the watercolor paper on the surface you will be working on, e.g., a table. Remember to cover the area with newspapers. After taping it encourage your kid to decorate or paint the paper with crayons and stickers. They can choose whichever pattern they wish. Just let them go with it. It encourages them to be more creative.

After decorating the paper with crayons and stickers, they use watercolor paint and paint the entire paper. After that, wait for the paint to dry, then gently remove the stickers and tape. When you remove the stickers and the tape, they leave behind white designs against the paint on the paper. The crayons also repel the watercolors creating an unpainted space. The result is a creative and beautiful art piece that your kids will be proud of.

Kaleidoscope collage
Look for a large canvas or a poster board and get your kids ready to make this amazing kaleidoscope of colors. First, you will need to mix glue and water. Mix the two in the ratio of half a cup of craft glue to a quarter cup of water. Then let your kid draw any shape on the canvas paper or poster board. After that, brush the canvas with the mixture of craft glue and water. Then apply tissue squares on the wet canvas. You can use colorful tissue paper squares to make the collage even more appealing.

Next, brush glue over them, repeat the process until you have covered the entire image your kid drew. This art practical can be a little messy, so ensure you have covered the entire area with newspapers, or you can work on it outside; ensure it’s not a windy day.

Find green leaves, vegetables, or fruits from which you can create shapes. for example, take a bell pepper and cut it in half. Use one half to dip in acrylic paint and press it on a surface of your choice. It could be a wall, whitepaper, canvas, or cloth. You can even make printed designs with your hands on pillowcases, t-shirts, placemats, tote bags, and the like.

Leaf prints of different colors would also look beautiful on a white t-shirt.

The different shapes you make come out with a cute flower pattern that you can display anywhere in your house, and the kids would be happy to make such pretty pieces.

Salt watercolor
You will need watercolor paper, salt, and watercolor paints for this art piece. Use watercolor to paint any design on your paper. You can cover the entire paper with designs of different colors that you like. Before the paint dries on the paper, sprinkle some coarse salt and let it dry.

After the paper is dry, remove any excess salt and admire the beautiful patterns you have created. Use the paper to wrap gifts, vases, etc.

Pastel scribbles
You will need oil pastels, water, tape, paintbrushes, watercolor paints, and white paper for this craft. Start by taping down the paper on your working surface. Then let the kids draw on the white paper with the oil pastels.

Let their creativity shine by coming up with images and shapes they like. After that, let them use paintbrushes to cover the paper with watercolor paint. The pictures they drew with the oil pastels will pop through the paint to create a beautiful art abstract.

Make Christmas, gift, or birthday cards.
You can use this DIY card idea to make different cards for different occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s, mother’s day, etc. You will need paper-colored markers or crayons, glitter, ribbon, and anything else you can think of that you can use to decorate your cards.

Start by folding the A4 paper into two and have your child write anything on the front using colored pencils. Then decorate the card together. This brings out the creative nature in children, plus it’s a fun activity!

Pressed flowers
Did you know that you can create pressed flowers at home with your children? And it’s easy. All you need is a pair of scissors, a thick book, paper and a heavy object. When you go out in the park or taking, walks collect all the flowers you can with your children. Ensure you go for the flowers with a flatter surface, such as violets or pansies.

When you get home, open your heavy book, then place the papers on either side to protect the book. Flatten your flowers by trimming off the stems using your scissors, place the flower in the book between the papers, and gently close the book. Top your book with the heavy object and let it stay there for a while. This activity will need patience. After a week or so, check your book and open it gently to retrieve the flattened flower. You can use them however you want.

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