Getting Your Kids Outdoors When We’re All Cooped Up

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It’s only natural that you might have been encouraging your kids to be staying indoors as of late. There has been a pandemic going on and, although it doesn’t affect children as much as adults, they can still carry it and who wants to run that risk? You can help the kids pass the time by finding ways to spend more time indoors, encouraging them to read, and chasing other hobbies. However, it’s still important for their health that they get outdoors. So, what can you do to encourage it?

Getting Your Kids Outdoors When We're All Cooped Up
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Get away from the neighborhood
You might be worried about how much your kids will encounter other people while outdoors, but that’s only a concern so long as you’re in your own backyard, right? How about instead taking your kid out for all kinds of nature activities at your nearest park, woodland, or national park? Lots of kids have a natural interest in the wilderness, and you can even take the opportunity to educate them a little on local flora, fauna, and the environment on your trips out together.

Finding new backyard toys for them
There’s nothing that can get your kids outdoors like the prospect of a brand new game or toy promising all kinds of fun. It doesn’t have to be anything as expensive as a drone or the like, either. You can spend much less and quickly get toys like and make your own cornhole board for the backyard. You can come with all kinds of games using one, too, creating all kinds of new fun.

Get on your bikes
Kids are full of energy, so they tend to be attracted to forms of play that allow them to expend plenty of that energy (so long as you don’t let them become too sedentary in their lifestyle.) One way you can make sure that they get outdoors but also that the whole family gets the physical activity that they need is to get bikes for the whole family. Find your nearest trails, starting with the shorter ones and create a whole new tradition of cycling around and taking in all sorts of sights on the way.

Bring a little spirit of competition
If you have more than one kid, then you might be surprised just how much the spirit of competition can get them more motivated to play all sorts. If you can get one kind interested in any of the games shown at then the others are likely to find their interest piqued by it at the same time. Just make sure you endeavor to keep the competition “fair” and make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a win, even if you have to bribe the older kids.

It’s far from impossible to enjoy some outdoor times with the kids. Hopefully, things will open up and we can all get back to socializing and playing as we used to but, until then, the tips above can help.

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