Paper Alligator Craft

This Paper Alligator Craft may possibly make me change my mind on alligators. I mean, not that I’m going to want to go up and pet one or anything. But if anything can make them cute, it’s this adorable, and simple, paper craft.

Paper Alligator Craft main image.

No matter how busy we may be, and a 3 year old always on the move and exploring has kept me plenty busy, there’s always time for simple paper crafts like this one. Especially when there’s an included Free Printable Alligator Template to go with it. Just cut, paste, and add some details to make your alligator your own.

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Make a Simple Paper Alligator Craft

To make our Paper Alligator Craft you will need our alligator template, as well as light cardstock in shades of green, pink, and white.

Paper Alligator Craft supplies needed.

The rest of the supplies include a black pen, a green marker, scissors, and a glue stick.

Alligator Paper Craft Supplies Needed

  • Alligator Template
  • Cardstock – light green, medium green, darker green, white, pink
  • Black pen
  • Green marker
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Paper Alligator Craft Step by Step Instructions

Start by printing the alligator template.

Alligator template pieces.

Trace the legs and body patterns on the medium dark green colored paper, trace the belly pattern on the light green colored paper and trace the scale borders on the dark shade of green colored paper. Cut out. You can cut out the eyes directly from the template. Also cut circles from the pink cardstock.

Alligator scales glued.

Position the scale borders along the top side of the tail part and the backside of the alligator body pattern.

Front legs glued.

Attach the 2 front legs on both sides of the body pattern.

Back legs glued to bottom of body template.

Then glue the other 2 legs on the bottom.

Light green belly cutout glued in place.

Next, glue the light green belly cutout on the bottom side of the body base.

Eyes and pink circle blush glued, with nose and mouth drawn.

Then, glue the eyes and pink circle blush on the head part of the body base. Also, use a sharpie to draw the nose and the mouth of the alligator. Cut out tiny triangle shapes from white paper and attach them along the mouth line for teeth.

Draw lines on belly with green sharpie.

Finally, use a green sharpie to trace lines along the belly part.

Paper Alligator Craft styled image.

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