How to Keep School Lunch Interesting

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I’ve been doing this school thing for quite a few years now. So many years, in fact, that when I actually think about it, it takes me by surprise. Add all 3 of my kids that are currently in school together, plus the littlest little who’ll be headed there in the blink of an eye, and that’s a lot of school lunches.

So, how do you keep school lunch interesting?

How to Keep School Lunch Interesting #ad

We start with foods I know my kids will love. There’s no point if they’re not going to eat it. But I also want their choices to be good for them, and help light up their minds, too. We need brain food.

One of our newest finds is the line of yogurt from Brainiac™ Kids. We especially love their yogurt tubes, frozen for the lunchbox, but there’s also a delicious yogurt drink, too. They’re kid snacks done right.

How to Keep School Lunch Interesting #ad

Available in a variety of flavors, we picked up Strawberry Banana and Cherry Vanilla from our local Hy-Vee, each 2oz. Brainiac Kids whole milk yogurt tube contains the BrainPack® to ensure kids are getting the Omega-3 DHA, Omega-3 ALA, and choline they need for healthy brain development.

How to Keep School Lunch Interesting #ad

Have you heard about choline? It’s a critical component for connecting our brain’s “information superhighways” that is typically found in broccoli, eggs or breast milk, but on average kids only get 69% of the daily recommended choline* intake. With Brainiac Kids products, kids get 100% of their daily choline needs. Perfect for the school lunch.

How to Keep School Lunch Interesting #ad

Pediatrician approved, as well as NON-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and with no artificial colors or preservatives, Brainiac Yogurts also have 40% less sugar and 50% more protein than the leading kids yogurt. So kids are ready for their afternoon classes, instead of falling asleep at their desks from a sugar crash. Which means they get more out of their day. And also, they’re happier, less tired, cranky kids when they come home. I appreciate that.

3 More Ways to Keep School Lunch Interesting

Leave a small message in their lunchbox. A quick I love you, or I’m proud of you, can go a long way. You can do this with a simple sticky note tucked privately behind their yogurt tubes, or leave a quick message with a sharpie on their sandwich bag.

How to Keep School Lunch Interesting #ad

Add small tokens or games. A yoyo is a fun inclusion, and will keep your little one’s mind going. I also love adding puzzles or mazes, like our You’re A-MAZE-Ing Cards. Another idea is to write a little message in a notebook in the morning before adding to the lunchbox. Your child writes a message back to you at lunchtime. Keep it going and it makes a really sweet keepsake for the school year.

Cut their sandwich into fun shapes. A peanut butter and jelly is a lot more interesting when it’s cut into circles, stuck on a skewer, and made into a snake like our Peanut Butter and Jelly Snake Skewers. Plus, it’s another great way for kids to get their fruit.

How to Keep School Lunch Interesting #ad

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How to Keep School Lunch Interesting #ad

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