Light the Night with Super Wubble Brite

This is a sponsored post for Super Wubble Brite. All opinions are my own.

Now that the weather is getting colder, and it takes 20 minutes just to bundle up to go outside, it’s time to find more interesting things to do indoors. Even the frigid temperatures won’t burst your bubble, though, when you’re playing with Super Wubble Brite!

Light the Night with Super Wubble Brite #SuperWubbleBrite (ad)

Made from the new super strong, super stretchy Xpandium, it looks like a bubble but with new and improved super strength. When fully inflated, Super Wubble Brite inflates to about 3 feet tall. In fact, ours was almost as big as my 9 year old daughter.

Light the Night with Super Wubble Brite #SuperWubbleBrite (ad)

Available at Target and Toys R Us, as well as, the Super Wubble Brite is squishy and bouncy and lights up in the dark. Not just a single glow in the dark kind of shade, though, Super Wubble Brite goes from red to blue to green and all the colors in between.

Light the Night with Super Wubble Brite #SuperWubbleBrite (ad)

Each Super Wubble Brite package comes with a battery-powered pump that attaches to a nozzle that then inserts into the ball to inflate to super stretchy heights. You will need 4 AA batteries, which are not included. You will also need a Philips screwdriver.

Light the Night with Super Wubble Brite #SuperWubbleBrite (ad)

Included in the kit is the wubble, pump, a deflator, instruction sheet, packet of wubble lubricant, and 2 patches. To inflate, you will first need to insert the nozzle, made easier with the lubricant. Easier, but not exactly easy. You will also need some patience and to wiggle and coerce it in there. This then attaches to the pump, which then takes a few minutes to blow up to desired height. If you have limited room, don’t worry. The wubble also deflates so you can play with it now then take the air out to put it away again for later.

Light the Night with Super Wubble Brite #SuperWubbleBrite (ad)

The real test, though? Will the Super Wubble Brite hold up to a couple of rowdy kids who’ve been cooped up in the house all afternoon of a very cold day? My daughter was extremely excited to play with the Super Wubble Brite. She smooshed it, bounced it, and squeezed it. I can say that it held up pretty well.

Light the Night with Super Wubble Brite #SuperWubbleBrite (ad)

We did have some trouble finding the button for the lights inside of the wubble. Once pressed, the lights were neat and bright, but didn’t stay on for long. So we had to go searching for just the right spot to press again. That’s a lot of pressing and pinching and I’m glad the kit comes with patches. But ours is still in tact and ready to light up the night.

Be sure to look for Super Wubble Brite at Target, Toys R Us, and more! And now, you can enter below for your chance to win 2 Super Wubble Brite balls!

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