Must-Have Clothing Items for Newborns’ Wardrobe

The biggest issue for the new parents is to ensure that the clothes their baby is wearing are comfortable and they have filled up the baby’s closet with the right baby outfits. When you are raising a baby, you are going through a rollercoaster of sentiments and responsibilities. Where do you want to get trendy clothes for your baby, you also never want to break your bank. 

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In this article, we have shortlisted the items that you must have on your baby’s clothes list that not only look adorable but your baby is always happy and comfy. Continue reading to find the items that you are going to buy for your newborn.

Which Fabric You Need to Get for Your Baby?

Apart from the clothes that you need to get, one careful consideration is to choose the right fabric for the baby’s clothes. The synthetic fabrics that are found in the market can irritate the baby’s skin leaving red patches of rash. So, you need fabrics that go delicate on the baby’s body like the options that we have given below.

  • Organic Fabrics

Organic fabrics relate to clothes that are sourced from plants and free from the use of chemical fertilizers. It ultimately means that you have saved your baby from various health concerns. 

  • 100% Cotton

Cotton is a well-known and ancient source of cloth fabrics marked by their natural softness and fabric strength that adds to their durability. 

  • Bamboo

One remarkable characteristic of Bamboo fabric is that they have hypoallergenic properties, so your baby is safe from allergies that irritate their bodies. So, get the silky fabric sourced from bamboo for your baby’s clothes.

Must-Have Items in Your Newborn’s Closet

Here are the items that are the must-have when you are getting a wardrobe ready for the baby.

  1. Onesies or Bodysuits

A baby’s wardrobe is incomplete without at least 4 to 5 onesies that are versatile and comfortable for your baby but you need to get them in the cotton fabric that is delicate to the baby’s skin. Onesies are easy to put on and the snap closure eases diaper changes during the day. However, when you are getting these, get a mix of long, short, and sleeveless onesies to go for all weather.

  1. Sleepers or Footed Pyjamas

A newborn sleeps for a minimum of 18 to 20 hours, so you need some clothes that are comfortable during their naps and the fabric is breathable and does not overheat, ultimately ending up hurting the baby. Make sure that sleepers come with a zipper that can easily be changed without invading the baby’s resting period.

  1. Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle Blankets create a womb-like environment for the baby to tightly tuck in, so they will continue to feel comfortable in the snug environment that mimics the womb. A large cotton or muslin swaddle blanket will be enough to keep your baby comfortable with its breathability feature that prevents overheating around the baby.

  1. Hats and Beanies

Newborns need to regulate their body temperature so they lose a lot of heat. A hat or beanie will be a perfect option to prevent excessive heat loss. However, you need to make sure that the hat is neither over-fitted which irritates the baby nor a loose or longer one that risks the baby by covering his/her nose and mouth.

  1. Socks, Booties, and Mittens

The newborn baby is more sensitive to temperature changes so you need to keep them warm in the cold weather. Hence, you need to stock up on socks and booties for your baby that have a slightly loose elastic that never leaves a mark on the body of your little one. Moreover, the mittens will keep their hands covered so babies won’t end up scratching their delicate bodies with sharp nails.

  1. Bibs

It is common for the babies to throw up and drool. However, frequent outfit changing can be overwhelming, so you need to get some absorbent bibs to prevent it. Prefer the ones with snap closures so they can be easily put on or removed.

Final Words

Pants, shirts, leggings, or outerwear options are well-known to get for the baby. However, the other items that we have included in this list complete the baby’s look. Baby clothes are more about quality than quantity. So, choose the fabric that never irritates the skin. Try adding some colors and textures while choosing your baby girl clothes for a fun touch to her closet.

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