Our Snackation and Animal Faces Bag Ties

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The Ultimate #Snackation and Animal Faces Bag Ties with Free Printable! #sponsored

Just because the start of school is right around the corner doesn’t mean the summer adventures have to end. In fact, we’ve been taking advantage of these last few days with some fun day trip destinations. No matter how far you’re going though, whether vacation or staycation, you have to have some good snacks on hand!

Smuckers #Snackation at Walmart #sponsored

Thankfully, Walmart is your ultimate SNACKATION destination! They have everything you would need to make it a smooth ride to wherever you’re headed. Like these Jif To Go Dippers, complete with dippable pretzels!

Smuckers #Snackation at Walmart #sponsored

We made our way around the store with my two eager helpers and, while in the freezer section, picked up a box of Uncrustables. Peanut butter and grape jelly flavor, because my kids are traditional like that.

Smuckers #Snackation at Walmart #sponsored

These are great snacks to take on the go! Not only are the Jif To Go Dippers perfect for munching in the car, but the Uncrustables should be perfectly thawed by the time you get to your destination and ready to eat. Just grab what you need and go! No preparation, no mess, no fuss. My kind of snacks!

Animal Faces Bag Ties with Free Printable! #snackation #sponsored

Where are we going on our next day trip destination? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out! Just look at the faces on these cute Animal Faces bag ties for a hint, however.

Smuckers #Snackation #sponsored

I made up one of these paper lunch bags for each of my 3 kids, with a fitting animal and color tied to close the bag. Buzz, my 9 year, is my monkey while Abby roars like a lion and Jedi is stands above the rest like a giraffe.

Animal Faces Free Printable!

Animal Faces Paper Bag Ties

Supplies needed:

Print Animal Faces and cut out each inside the circle. Cut a larger piece of your choice of colored paper and glue the animal face onto the colored paper.

Animal Faces Bag Ties with Free Printable! #snackation #sponsored

Fold down your paper bag and place your animal face tag where wanted. Punch 2 holes on both sides of all. Thread your twine through and tie in a simple bow.

Animal Faces Bag Ties with Free Printable! #snackation #sponsored

Not only are they cute, but it’s also a fun way to tell which bag is for which kid and keeps your lunch or snacks safely together and closed. Do you know where we’re going?


  1. My boys LOVE Uncrustables. I buy them all the time because they can’t get enough.

  2. I will be needing to purchase some snacks when my husband and I go on our road trip up the coast. Since Jif is my favorite peanut butter, I will have to pick up some of the Jif to go dippers.

  3. I really love the bag tag, and my son can use this to bring his snack for school great idea and i also love the uncrustable

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