Popular Indoor Plants That Might Interest You

Written by Allen Brown.

To display your plants, you no longer need an outdoor garden. If you want to plant outdoors, and add a pop of color in your windows, you could add custom planter boxes. However, many lovely plants grow indoors and help to purify the air while also adding a splash of natural color. If you live in an apartment or a condo, you have many choices when it comes to choosing the right indoor plant for your style, personality, and level of experience.

Popular Indoor Plants That Might Interest You

Some plants need more light and attention, while others can thrive in various low-light and dry environments. Many plants also filter common air toxins while releasing additional oxygen for you to breathe. Here are the most common indoor plants that can make your space greener and more vibrant, whether you’re looking for simple succulents, hanging foliage, or tall plants.

Spider Plant
Get a spider plant if you want to imitate having a green thumb. Except for brown tips, this plant can thrive in a wide range of conditions and has few problems. This plant’s long, spindly leaves proliferate. Furthermore, the tiny offshoots can be quickly rooted to produce more offspring.

Spider plants are simple to care for. They are ideal candidates for new gardeners because they tolerate any form of bullying. Only well-drained soil and clear, indirect light are required. Allow them to dry out between watering when you’re watering them.

Snake Plant
Snake plants, also known as Sansevieria, are among the hardiest indoor plants. Sansevieria trifassciata, sansevieria cylindrica, and starfish sansevieria are some of the different varieties of Sansevieria. They can withstand anything, so even if you’ve never gardened before, you’ll be able to keep this plant alive. Snake plants can withstand a variety of conditions, including low light and a lack of water.

When it comes to snake plant treatment, there isn’t much to be concerned about. It just requires fast-draining, sandy soil and a sunny corner to thrive. Overwatering should be avoided, particularly during the winter months.

Peace Lily
Peace lilies are the ultimate of low-maintenance indoor plants. They grow stunning, sculptural white blooms just when you think it’s all foliage—ideal for a sunny window sill or a desk. The peace lily has lovely shapely pleated leaves and eye-catching flowers. Furthermore, they have outstanding air-purifying properties offering body health benefits.

Boston Fern
Boston ferns have been used as a tropical accent plant indoors and on patios for decades. In any case, this hardy fern retains its lush appearance with minimal effort. It will reward you with long arching stems of spring-green foliage if you provide it with high humidity and consistent moisture.

Boston ferns thrive in a wide range of lighting and soil types. They are simple to grow and plant in your garden. While some species can never recover from neglect, the Boston fern is exceptionally hardy, and all it takes is a little water and fertilizer to get it back to its former glory.

Rubber Plant
Rubber trees, also known as Ficus Elastica, will become a focal point in your home if you wait long enough. Most rubber plant growers tend to keep their plants trimmed and medium-sized, but they can grow to be 50 feet tall.

Rubber plants thrive in warm temperatures and indirect and robust sunshine, so they thrive close to a window with sheer curtains. They’ll do great if you water them once or twice a month. Their soil, however, should be kept moist throughout the growing season. When the air is too dry, spray them with water.

Money Plant
Money plant, also called “Honesty,” is grown for its coin-like, silvery, transparent seed pods used in dried flower arrangements. It is thought to be advantageous because it attracts wealth and prosperity. Money Plants are surprisingly simple to grow and make beautiful houseplants.

Money plants thrive in every form of potting soil. They will, however, do well in a fast-draining, water-retaining mix. Mix it with peat moss or vermiculite to help the soil maintain moisture, and you’ll have the best soil for your money plant.

Areca Palm
In indirect light, Areca palms thrive. In the summer, keep the soil moist, and in the fall and winter, keep it a little dryer. They have a tropical feel to them, which looks great in almost any environment. Areca palm is a top air-purifying plant that adds humidity to the air, according to NASA. If the plant isn’t given enough light or gets too much water, it will quickly wither.

Popular Indoor Plants That Might Interest You

Planting indoor plants are essential for the regular and proper functioning of the human community. Apart from beautifying the interior space, research has shown that having plants in your office or home can provide various mental and physical health benefits. To put it another way, indoor plants are good news for everyone.

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