Summer Crafting in the Great Outdoors

Author: Richard Clayton.

Those long summer vacations put pressure on moms and dads to figure out how to entertain their kids for several weeks when school’s out.

Summer Crafting in the Great Outdoors

Days out can be expensive, so why not make good use of the great outdoors? It’s free and it can be really good fun, plus, it works well with crafting whatever the weather.

Fresh air and interest in the outdoors means less screen time, which is good for the mind and the body. Whether making a den in the garden or camping, outdoor crafting with kids can involve many fun and educational activities.

Make a Den in the Yard

Kids love dens or treehouses, plus, you don’t need much space or to go to great expense. A den could be a wooden tree house, a fort made of branches and other backyard materials, or just a few boxes in the corner covered with blankets or plastic sheeting.

If you can weatherproof your den, then it can be used even when the sun isn’t out. Use it for crafting or watching movies.

A solar generator can help you with home from home comforts like a mini fridge for ice-creams, a laptop for movies or just fairy lights.

Kids love the idea of a mini house outside and it offers a break from their usual routines and location, even if it is just at the bottom of the garden.

Do some online research to find the best solar generator for your needs. They are not bulky, so they will take up minimal space and are easily portable if you want to move around the garden.

Go Camping

If you don’t have access to a yard, then why not go camping? Kids love it and it’s a great way of teaching them about nature, living outside in the fresh air and it won’t break the bank either.

Plan your location so there are plenty of fun and healthy activities for the kids. This doesn’t’ have to be a major campsite but it can be somewhere wild and remote—another good reason to have a solar generator. You can even involve your little ones in choosing a camp spot.

One of the most fun things is to go with a couple of other families, then the children can interact with other kids, and it shares the load with the grown-ups.

Involve the children in cooking, go on scavenger hunts, research the location ahead of time so you can introduce some information about flora and fauna. Walk, bike, stargaze at night and don’t forget to take your crafting kits for quieter days.

Final Thoughts

Crafting doesn’t have to be an indoor or bad weather activity. Why not take it outside and involve it in fun camping holidays or outside time for the kids, with nature as your inspiration?

Crafting is educational and contemplative, it can be used as an alternative to the hurly-burly of outdoor activities and is a great time to sit and talk. Crafting is a collaborative activity that children love doing with grown-ups.

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