The Top Five Things You Should Know About Owning A Puppy

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Most parents imagine that owning a puppy along with having children is all giggles and games. They picture a cute puppy sitting by their feet while the children play gently and they think about how their new family member is all happiness and playtime.

Of course, a new puppy brings a ton of joy, a lot of laughs and plenty of exercises, but there are plenty of ways that a puppy can really stress out your happy and serene family life! Not all puppies are sunshine and light, and raising a puppy is as unpredictable as having a toddler running around. Below, you’re going to read five things that you should know about owning a puppy for the first time:

The Top Five Things You Should Know About Owning A Puppy
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They Go A Little Nuts
Just as you think everything is calm and pleasant, your puppy will have a mad five minutes now and then. Out of the blue, he will grunt, run in circles and yelp. He’s not in pain, and he’s not upset, it’s just that they have an awful lot of energy and need to expel it in some way!

Dogs Can Have Allergies
It’s wishful thinking to imagine that you will be able to pick any dog food off the shelf and that will be the right one for your pup. If you’ve noticed your dog has started throwing up everywhere, it may be time to consider that he could have allergies he is dealing with. You can pay for an allergy test to pinpoint what your dog is allergic to, but it is pricey – worth it, but pricey!

Dogs Go in Heat
As with every animal, a dog goes in and out of heat when they are in season. Fortunately, there are affordable dog diapers on the market for when this happens – mainly if your dog is female. The dog diapers can ensure that you don’t end up with a messy house when your dog cannot help the mess.

They Don’t Always Know When To Pee
As with toddlers, puppies have to learn how to pee. When they’re ready, they’ll start showing signs that they’re about to go to the toilet. All you can do in the meantime is start popping your puppy onto puppy pads now and then and hope for the best with their toilet habits. It’s not always straightforward in the way that the books will say so, but it will come in time, and you won’t always find your house peed all over.

Their Teeth Are Like Needles
Puppies, while they’re learning, like to nip. Being that they’re small and mighty, toes are the nearest thing to nip for them. There’s no real reason for it, but they’re playing in their eyes and you can’t react to it, or they think you’ll be praising their efforts!

Your new puppy is going to drive you a little crazy, but eventually, they grow out of all their habits and grow into a beautiful family dog that fits right in.

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