Tips on how to make your interior more comfortable and cozy

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After finishing the renovation or moving to a new home, it takes time to adapt to the new layout and settle down. But using some of the secrets of professional designers, you can shorten this difficult transitional stage and turn the apartment into an oasis of comfort and tranquility.

The task of a modern interior is to be as comfortable as possible and reflect the character of its owner. So forget the rules, bring more personality!

Taking into account the latest design trends, we offer you a bold move: do not limit yourself to conventions and decisively place cute retro in your interior. Today our expert will tell you how to furnish an interior with soul, inspired by French houses and using vintage.

How to create a comfortable and cozy interior?

1. Comfort over beauty

Think not only about the beauty and originality of the furniture but also about the comfort. Admit it, not a day goes by that you do not look at the Internet or interior design magazine for some incredible chair or terrifyingly fashionable sofa. Let them stay there.

In most cases, designer models are only able to evoke admiration in the showroom, being absolutely not adapted to create a home atmosphere. Test every piece of furniture before purchasing and go shopping wisely with New York Furniture Outlets. For example, look at the sofa and think about whether it is pleasant to lie on it with a book or whether it is comfortable to sit for several hours. If not, you should probably keep looking. Ideally, furniture should fully meet your comfort and style requirements. But if such a choice is hampered by a meager family budget, then look for compromises and set your priorities.

2. Add a magic touch

Working with textures is one of the easiest ways to add coziness to an uninhabited space. Surround yourself with things you want to touch. Fluffy rugs, ribbed wallpaper, or sleek wood furnishings can all be easily incorporated into a modern room. In addition, when working with a spacious room, the texture of finishing materials and textiles can visually reduce the room, making it cozier and more intimate.

3. Forget about buying a whole furniture set

Unless you want the house to look like a showroom, this is a bad idea. Buying everything at once is the easiest way to fill an apartment, but not always the most suitable one. After all, everyone dreams of a unique interior, and such are formed over the years. Things can be from different styles, but they go well with each other (which is why eclecticism never loses its popularity). Variety is the key to a bright and memorable interior, which at the same time remains harmonious and comfortable, because each piece of furniture was chosen carefully and “for yourself.”

4. Use warm shades effectively

It’s no secret that colors can evoke different emotions and moods. Cool tones (cyan, purple and dark green) can visually enlarge the room, while warm ones (peach, orange, brown and red) make the room smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive.

5. Install multiple light sources

When decorating an interior, the importance of lighting is often forgotten. Several lamps in the right place can easily change the visual proportions of the room: make it bigger, taller, narrower, more comfortable… A ceremonially decorated hall requires bright ceiling lighting, and if you need to make the room smaller, then it is better to put several table lamps or floor lamps around the sofa.

Tips on how to make your interior more comfortable and cozy

6. Be more attentive to detail

There is no need to strive for perfection. Perfectionism kills the interior, makes it beautiful, but soulless. Calm and comfort will be presented by various little things: decorative pillows, candles, funny plush toys, books, vases with freshly cut flowers, a favorite magazine. These are hints: people live in this house, love each other and communicate efficiently.

The spaciousness of the room is made by light and a view from the window, leading the eye into perspective. Even small Parisian apartments with retro decor never resemble junk shops, because they have:

– high windows;
– fantastic textile decoration.

Curtains frame the windows, creating a feeling of warmth and security, even in inclement weather. And pillows, tablecloths and carpets add elegance and comfort to the room. Try on silk and velvet in your interior, and you will see how the space will transform!

7. Surround yourself with softness

To create a cozy atmosphere, you can follow these steps.
– Turn on soothing jazz more often,
– make soft dim lighting,
– throw lots of pillows on the sofa,
– put a comfortable chair.
You only need to add the crackling of logs in the fireplace, and you know what an ideal home and relaxation are.

8. Fill the interior with your favorite things and hobbies

When you move, the things you love should take center stage in your new apartment. Your home should, first of all, reflect who you are, and the rest of the furnishings will gradually appear on their own. Make sure that simple things with precious memories find their rightful place: an old collection of vinyl records, a handmade doll, a painted plate from a trip, the first tennis racket. Find a way to integrate them into the interior of your rental whether it’s one of these modern apartments for rent in Garland or elsewhere, and you will see how quickly the space will acquire individuality and warmth.

9. Go neoretro!

The interior will be a significant part of your life and should emphasize the personality of the owner. Include objects with history in the project: family heirlooms, collections or travel items. Vintage in the interior is a sure way to make a room beautiful, cozy and unique.

Whether it’s retro or vintage (they are created according to similar rules), their pure embodiment will give your interior the look of a museum or an antique store. Therefore, use only style elements, creating an ensemble of old and modern interior items. For such interiors, a definition has even appeared – neoretro, which is originally from France.

It often seems as if the premises in France are completely different as if they were built in some other way. This is both true and misconception: the rules of architecture are the same, but the approach is different. The interiors seem so light only because the way of life of their owners is carefully thought out. Do the right zoning for all kinds of scenarios to make your daily life easier.

Do not clutter the space, everything has to function in your home. The decor should also reflect your personality and passions. The fewer decorative elements, the better – for example, a gorgeous antique clock or a grandfather’s armchair in beautiful upholstery.

Tips on how to make your interior more comfortable and cozy

10. Lighting

Multilevel lighting will save you when there is a lack of natural light. Crystal chandeliers, table lamps, romantic candelabra, sconces, dramatic floor lamps envelop every piece of the interior with light.

11. Accessories and decor

Speaking of accessories. To create a beautiful interior, pay special attention to the decor:

– to have a soul at home, you can’t do without antiques. Interior details with a “retro character” are put together like a puzzle and fit into the space of a modern home. Whether it’s a family collection or a wardrobe, it adds a sense of true home and elegance;
– be sure to add a piece of modern art to the elegant vintage and velvet-covered chairs. If you have a real modern masterpiece, then show it with pride.

The decoration of French houses is cozy and complete in its imperfection, because it includes personal preferences and shows the character of the owner. Good design must combine the character and elegance of space with practical luxury.

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