Shapes School Bus Craft

Is it too early to talk about going back to school? OK, well, it’s never too early to use our Shapes School Bus Craft to continue learning about shapes in a super fun way that starts getting us ready for school.

Shapes School Bus Craft main image.

As I alluded to, this is an easy craft that’s a great learning tool, too. From the circle wheels to the square windows, it’s such a fun way to continue teaching and learning about shapes. And we have a Free Printable School Bus Template in color as well as black and white, in case you want to make the bus in your own colors.

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Use Shapes to Make a School Bus Craft

To make our Shapes School Bus Craft you will need our school bus template, cardstock, a blue pen, scissors, and a glue stick.

Shapes School Bus Craft Supplies Needed

Paper School Bus Craft Step by Step Directions

Print out the template on cardstock for the bus. We’re using the colored version of the template here, but you can use the black and white version if you’d like to make the bus in your own colors.

Cut template pieces.

Cut out the pieces.

Glue blue square window to bus.

First, take one of the small square shapes and glue it on the top left corner of the yellow rectangular piece.

Glue rest of windows to bus.

Then, glue the blue rectangular piece next to the window as the door for the bus. Glue the rest of the windows one next to another.

Glue wheels together.

Next, glue the smaller circular pieces in the middle of the bigger circles to make the wheels for the bus.

Glue wheels to bus.

Glue both of the wheels in place.

Glue head lights to bus.

Now, glue the half circular orange pieces on the top two corners as the head lights for the bus.

Glue signal lights to bus.

And glue the red triangular pieces on both sides of the bus as the front and back lights.

Add detail with blue pen to windows.

Finally, take a blue colored pen and add a little detail to the windows.

Shapes School Bus Craft styled image.

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