Why Roller Skating is a Great Family Activity

For parents looking for a new hobby to tempt belligerent teens out of their bedrooms or tweens away from the TV, there are few more fun sports than roller skating. If you have yet to discover the joys of skating through your local park, there are some great reasons to encourage your family to give it a try.

Why Roller Skating is a Great Family Activity

The Benefits of Roller Skating

One of the main benefits of roller skating for families is that it is suitable for kids of all ages as well as adults. Even the under-5s can try roller skating, with a bit of parental supervision. Once you have everyone on board with roller skating, you can pick up some great kids roller skates, so they can explore their skills and take things to the next level.

Roller skating is a year-round activity. It can be done outdoors when the weather is fine, but it can also be done indoors on a roller rink if the weather isn’t so nice. Skating outdoors is a lot of fun and a good opportunity to get some fresh air, but roller rinks are equally fun thanks to some great music and a disco vibe – which is something teens will appreciate.

Like all sports, roller skating works the muscles and gives your body a cardio workout. Since many kids don’t get enough exercise these days, roller skating will encourage them to be more active by making exercise seem less of a chore and more of a fun activity.

Because roller skating can be done as a solo activity as well as with the family, it is a sport your kids can develop as their skills improve. They can easily practice their skating at a local park or on the street outside your home, without you needing to ferry them somewhere.

Getting Started with Roller Skating

You don’t need much equipment to give roller skating a go. Big stores like Target sell cheap roller skates for kids and adults, as well as inline skates. Buy a cheap pair of skates to see if your kids enjoy it before you upgrade to a better pair from a reputable brand. Look for skates with toe brakes or if you go for inline skates, heel brakes.

As well as skates, it is essential to invest in safety gear. This includes a well-fitted helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. As a responsible adult, set a good example by wearing all the right safety equipment. If you don’t bother, you can’t expect your kids to want to wear it.

Practice Makes Perfect

In the beginning, start by practicing on the grass at the local park or in the garden. That way it won’t hurt as much, and everyone inevitably takes a tumble. Once you and the kids feel a bit more confident on skates, you can switch to the pavement. Check out YouTube for online tutorials; the best skaters can perform all kinds of crazy dance moves on roller skates.

Give roller skating a try this weekend, the kids are sure to have a ball!

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