4 Ways for Crafty Moms to Find More Time to Create

If you love crafting but feel your schedule prevents you from spending as much time on the process as you would like, you are not alone. Whether it’s work, kids, or family commitments, it might feel like other obligations are getting in your way. Luckily, there are a few ways to reclaim your time and enjoy some guilt-free crafting.

4 Ways for Crafty Moms to Find More Time to Create

Get Your Finances Organized
If your finances are not in order, it might feel like managing your money takes up more of your free time than it should. Getting organized can help you be more efficient and stay on top of things. Filing all your financial information away by category can make it easier to find when you need it. Another way of simplifying things is by refinancing your student loans. Refinancing multiple loans into one new loan means you’ll only have one payment each month, freeing up more money, not to mention time.

Reclaim Your Time
If you can’t find any time for your project, you may be doing something else that’s taking up too much time. It could be movies, television, or social media. These things might seem like a fun way to relax, but they may take time away from other things you would rather be doing. One way to take the stress out of parenting is to reclaim your time. Depending on your current project, you may be able to put on a low effort show and work on the craft with your show in the background. Still, you might be surprised at the difference cutting out screen time makes in your schedule.

Use Time as You Have it
If you wait to do crafting until you have a chunk of time to sit down and do it, you’ll never get it done. Instead, consider squeezing in crafting whenever you are able to, even if it’s just a few minutes at a time. You might get up a little earlier each morning before taking the kids to school or do it while dinner is baking. If you can find several five or 10-minute chunks of time, it could add up to an hour or so. There is a lot you can get done in an hour, even if that time is broken up.

To maximize these chunks of time, be ready whenever a slot comes up. Your craft supplies should be organized so you know where to find everything. If you have the space, you could dedicate part of your table to your project so you don’t always have to take everything out. You can prioritize ways to organize craft supplies and buy craft organizers so you can put everything in a dedicated spot.

Get Your Kids Involved
If your kids have some down time, share your hobbies with your child and encourage them to get involved with your crafting time. If you are painting something, bring out some kid-friendly paints and paper and have a little painting party. You don’t have to be doing the same crafts as your kids either. Even if everyone is working on their own projects, you can still do them together and enjoy time with each other.

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