To My Daughter: Happy 6th Birthday!

My Dearest Little Girl,

Tomorrow, you turn 6. First, however, some of my favorite pictures throughout your 5th year.

princess birthday 1

first day school all

baileysblossoms tutu swing

abby smileitforward

halloween2013 jessie zombie


mad mom

swimming all

You, my love, are stunning. You’re beautiful, and your smile lights up a room. You’re inquisitive and creative, strong for your 6 years. While your brothers are content to sit around playing on their tablets, you’re outside. Always outside. Swimming, running, playing, riding your bike. A constant blur of colorful, wild motion.

You are also a feisty firecracker, which we’ve been working on keeping the explosions at a minimum. Because when you explode, everyone else quickly follows. You’re relentless when you want something, inconsolable if things don’t go your way. 5 has been a challenge, particularly the last few months. I’m excited to move on to 6. Above anything else, however, I love you. So very much.

Happy birthday, baby girl!


  1. What a great age! I remember when my now 16-year-old daughter was just 6-years-old! I loved every minute of that age. Keep it up with the encouraging affirmations!

  2. What a beautiful way to celebrate your precious child! She sounds delightful and like someone who will lead others to great things! What a beautiful smile!! Happy birthday sweet angel and best of you sweet mama as you venture on to this new year filled with adventure!

  3. What an incredibly sweet letter to your daughter. She’s adorable. Happy birthday to her tomorrow!

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