Rustic Stick Heart Door Hanger

When it comes to crafts and decorating for the holidays, I prefer to use whatever I have on hand for the most part. It’s more about the experience of spending an afternoon creating with my kids and I don’t need to spend a lot for that. In fact, with a little imagination you can come up with a myriad of ideas for something as simple as a stick. And a simple stick is the base for this Valentine’s Day Rustic Stick Heart Door Hanger.

The Heart of my Heart - DIY Valentine's Day Rustic Stick Heart Door Hanger

A great door hanger, this Rustic Stick Heart is made with regular sticks found outside. Have fun with your kids as you gather up a handful, then snap them into size. 2 long pieces for the sides of the heart and 4 short pieces for the top and middle. Wrap together with yarn, red of course, and you have a lovely handmade Valentine’s Day decoration that costs virtually nothing.

Valentine’s Day Rustic Stick Heart Door Hanger

Supplies needed:

  • sticks from outside
  • red yarn
  • scissors

Gather a handful of sticks from outside. You will need 2 longer sticks and 4 shorter for each heart. I made a big heart and then a small heart to go inside, both followed this same directions.

Positioning 2 of the sticks where you want them, begin wrapping yarn around the connecting ends leaving enough of the yarn to tie off. Make a number of passes around before tying and cutting off any excess. Continue doing the same for all connection points.

When all ends of your heart are connected, take a long piece of yarn and begin wrapping your sticks. If you run out of yarn, simply tie it into another piece. Wrap until covered, though leaving some of your stick visible.

Repeat the same steps for your smaller heart. Connect the smaller heart to the larger heart with another small stick and wrapping yarn like you did your connection points. To hang, simply make a loop with another piece of yarn.


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