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3-Room Cleaning Chore Chart Free Printable - use with magnets! Easy for kids! #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

When I think of chores, I think of the word “no”. No one wants to do them and no one will help. No, no, no! Someone around here has to be responsible, though, and unfortunately that someone is me. It’s up to me do the dishes, wipe the tables and do all the floor cleaning.

“Why me?”, I whine in melodramatic fashion. But not anymore.

Easy Cleaning with O-Cedar and a Chore Chart #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

I admit, this has been largely my fault. It’s hard for me to let my kids help. I’m one of those. But really, they need to learn and I’m tired of doing everything, every day. I know it’s better for all of us in the long run, and now is a great time to start with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season when I need help the most. As such, I made a Cleaning Chore Chart.

I’ve contemplated a chore chart for awhile now. In fact, in the past we had a crudely constructed, hand-written system that we filled out on a whim. It worked for about 2 days. I want something better and easier.

#CleanForTheHolidays with O-Cedar at Walmart #ad

To go with the chore chart, we need easy to use cleaning products that my kids will be more likely to use without aggravation. Since one area I really want them to focus on are our floors, I picked up an O-Cedar Pro Mist while at Walmart.

Easy Cleaning with O-Cedar and a Chore Chart #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

Along with scrub zones on the reusable microfiber pad that work hard on stubborn dirt and grime, the O-Cedar Pro Mist spray mop has a squeeze trigger on the handle that easily dispenses cleaning solution. So easy, in fact, that it’s great for little hands to maneuver. The most awesome part is that it doesn’t need batteries! Or special cleaning solution, you can just use your favorite already at home! It really is the best mop!

And hopefully now there’ll be at least a few less “no”s.

3-Room Cleaning Chore Chart Free Printable - use with magnets! Easy for kids! #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

Kids 3-Room Cleaning Chore Chart with Magnets

I made this chore chart as easy for my 6 year old to understand as it is my 11 year old. There are really only 3 main rooms that I want them to focus on; the kitchen, the living room, and their bedroom. And the instructions for each are simple and direct without being overly specific. I don’t want to overwhelm them, I just want help.

3-Room Cleaning Chore Chart Free Printable - use with magnets! Easy for kids! #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

Download the Kids 3-Room Cleaning Chore Chart here

Every day, I’ll place a magnet with their initial in the to-do section. Once finished, they simply need to move it over to done. If they get it done, then they also move their corresponding happy face magnet along the 7 days on bottom. If their happy face makes it all the way to the end by the end of the week, they get a prize and a free day!

3-Room Cleaning Chore Chart Free Printable - use with magnets! Easy for kids! #CleanForTheHolidays #ad

Magnets for the chart are easy to make, or just buy ones that fit. I made ours by simply printing out their first letter initial on paper, cutting a colored piece of construction paper slightly larger, gluing those together, then gluing a magnet on back. For the happy face stickers, I just applied those on the magnets directly.


  1. What a nice, simple, easy-to-read printable. I like how it has large enough boxes to check when you are done. I work like that too with my own to-do list.

  2. I started my kids at a young age when it comes to doing chores. I love the idea of a chore chart, my kids each have 1 chore that they are responsible for. Then we conquer and divide the full cleaning list.

  3. I really like your post. It’s true no one wants to do chores. I was like that when I was a child, but now I understand that if we don’t do them they get harder in time.

  4. Doing chores is something a kid needs to do in order to be more prepared for life. Habits are a very powerful thing.

  5. Floor cleaning is a very important part of the whole house clean. It should never be neglected and should have just as much attention as everything else.

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