Gifts That Your Older Nieces And Nephews Will Love

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Americans are waiting longer to have children, says Pew Research, and this has led many younger generations to become ‘obsessed’ with their nieces and nephews. They may be paying off student loans a decade after graduating and be postponing their plans of having children, but there is always a cute niece or nephew to pamper, love, and spoil. If you are an uncle or aunt who enjoys taking time to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, then the shopping experience may become increasingly challenging as the little ones enter their teen and young adult years. What gifts can you buy that will strike the right chord?

Gifts That Your Older Nieces And Nephews Will Love
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Meaningful Gifts

Matching a gift to your niece or nephew should begin by having a good talk with them and finding the things they are most passionate about. You may be surprised to learn they are really into nature, makeup or travel. Sometimes, traditional gifts for young adult females such as makeup brushes, jewelry making kits, or nature-inspired necklaces, may actually be popular among young men as well. It works vice-versa too. You may have a niece who’s into traditionally male pursuits, so it is important to keep an open mind and really listen to your loved one in order to can pick up key information that will enable you to make the right choice.

Experiential Gifts

Recent research by scientists at the University of Toronto has found that ‘experiential gifts’ such as going skydiving, going on a day trip, or visiting a day spa together, are more socially connecting than traditional ones. Experiences can be intensely emotional, but they can also bring people together, so think of an experience that both of you might enjoy. It can be as simple as a visit to the beach with a picnic featuring your niece or nephew’s favorite foods, tickets to a rock concert, or tickets to the premiere showing of a film your loved one is really excited about.

Gifts That Grow In Value Over Time

A study published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science found that people often give others gifts to elicit an immediate ‘wow’ response. As such, you might buy your teen niece or nephew a new pair of Jordans, a brand name piece of jewelry, or the latest top-selling Playstation game. However, the study showed that most people want gifts that provide value over time. As such, it might be ‘cool’ to have a newly released game, but if, say, your niece is more into zombies than cars, then giving them the latest GTA game may provide immediate joy, without really providing value in the long run. Forget about surprising your teens or young adults, and give them something you already know they need or want.

Nieces are nephews are highly cherished in modern societies, as the millennial generation chooses to leave having children for later. Buying gifts for babies, toddlers and little ones is easy, but things can get a bit more challenging when they enter adolescence and young adulthood. The perfect gift is none other than one your loved one truly wants, so invest a bit of time into getting to really know them, as well as their deepest needs and wants.

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