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Of anyone, teachers deserve a special dose of gratitude this Thanksgiving. It’s amazing what all they do, and how far my own kids have come in school thanks to some wonderful teachers. I truly don’t know how they do it, especially with a classroom full of rambunctious little ones. They give extra, so they should definitely get extra, too.

For all they do, I wanted to make some extra special thank you cards that also tied in the seasonal colors and textures of fall. Thus, while at the store I picked up packages of Extra gum, because what else?

With Extra Thanks Thank You Cards & Free Printable! #ExtraGumMoments #shop

When you give extra, you get Extra, too!

The first thing I did was to make a printable of the simple messages of appreciation I wanted to use in the card. For the front, it says “With (blank space to tie a pack of gum) Thanks”. And the inside, “For all you do, this Thanksgiving, I want to say, an Extra special, Thank you!”.

with thanks

You can download the cover and the inside of card. Once you have the printable, the rest goes together fairly simply.

With Extra Thanks Thank You Cards

Supplies needed:

Print the Extra Thanks cover on one side of cardstock. Once printed and the ink has dried, flip your sheet of cardstock over and print the inside message.

Once the messages are printed, gently and carefully punch 2 holes in the center of the cardstock. Guide a long string of ribbon through. Tie ribbon around your gum to secure, snipping away any excess ends.

With Extra Thanks Thank You Cards & Free Printable! #ExtraGumMoments #shop

Give Extra thanks!

These cards aren’t just great for teachers. As you can see, they’re a perfect way to share #ExtraGumMoments while giving thanks this time of year to anyone who has made a lasting impact in your life.


  1. Those are really cute. I should make these for my son’s class. They always have a big celebration for the holidays.

  2. How adorable are those? I’m my kids teacher, lol but I’d love to make these for people at church, the postman, etc. Super cute!

  3. You have given me the neatest idea for a xmas gift for my kids teachers this year. This is simple and will not break my bank to do. I do not chew gum but the “Extra” idea is the coolest. Love it.

  4. This is just perfect. It’s sweet but won’t take a ton of time. I know with the holidays coming up, I’ve got a lot of thanks to be expressing.

  5. Sometimes teacher gifts get too elaborate and expensive. I love the simplicity and thoughtfulness behind this. Extra gum is the best!

  6. As a former teacher myself, I can definitely confirm how awesome it is when my students would bring in thank-you gifts. It didn’t have to be much…it was the thought that counted! These Extra thank you cards look awesome…thank you for sharing! #client

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