Halloween Gnome Craft

Bring some fun to your spooky crafting this year with this adorable Halloween Gnome Craft. They’re holding pumpkins, too, because what else would a Halloween gnome hold?

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A great craft for little ones since it’s cute and so not scary, these gnomes can be made with any of your favorite Halloween colors. And we have a Free Printable Halloween Gnome Template so all you have to do is cut and customize!

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How to Make a Paper Halloween Gnome

To make our Halloween Gnome Craft you will first need our gnome template.

Halloween Gnome Craft supplies needed.

The remainder of the supplies include cardstock in your choice of colors, scraps of craft foam, a glue stick, and scissors.

Halloween Gnome Craft Supplies Needed

  • Halloween Gnome Template
  • Cardstock – black, orange, cream, brown, grey, and your choice of body
  • Craft foam
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Paper Gnome Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by printing the gnome template. Cut out the pieces.

Gnome template cut.

Trace the pieces of the template on their respective colors of cardstock, then cut out.

Glue hat, hands, and body pieces together.

Now, glue the strip for the hat on the hat cut-out and attach the hand cutouts on the sleeve cutouts. Also, attach the shoe cutouts on the bottom side of the body cutout.

Attach a small piece of craft foam to nose cutout.

Next, cut out a small piece of craft foam and attach it in the center of the circle nose cutout.

Glue nose to top of beard.

Glue the nose near the top side of the beard cutout.

Glue the hat in place.

Glue the hat in place at the top of the beard.

Glue head to the body and glue just the end of the arms in place.

Then, glue the beard/hat/nose to the top of the body. Apply glue along the flat end of the sleeve pattern and attach it on a side of the body, with the hands positioned inside the body.

Glue arms so that the hands are positioned inside the body.

Adhere the other arm on the opposite side.

Slide the pumpkin between the gnome's hands.

Finally, craft the pumpkin and slide it between the arms of the Halloween gnome. This would even make a really cute Halloween card to hand out to friends in a classroom!

Halloween Gnome Craft styled image.

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