Paper Plate Haunted House Craft

Boo! Was that a ghost? You’ll have fun haunting all those who pass by with this Paper Plate Haunted House Craft! Interactive, too, for extra spooking. Ghosts and bats and full moons, oh my!

Paper Plate Haunted House Craft main image.

Who doesn’t love a good haunted house on Halloween? And you can make one of the best with our Free Printable Haunted House Template. A fun way to make the funnest kind of fright!

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Make a Halloween Haunted House Craft

To make our Paper Plate Haunted House Craft you will first need our haunted house template. The remainder of the supplies consist of cardstock, a paper plate, a black sharpie, glue, and scissors.

Paper Plate Haunted House Craft Supplies Needed

  • Haunted House Template
  • Cardstock – black, white, yellow, green, etc.
  • Paper plate
  • Black sharpie
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Interactive Haunted House Step by Step Directions

Begin by printing the template. Cut out the pieces.

Haunted house template cut.

Trace and cut out the pieces of the haunted house template on cardstock paper in your choice of colors. Cut out.

Glue house pieces together.

Attach the flatter side of the lens shaped along the bottom side of the haunted house base.

Glue top and outside border of door cutout to house.

Now, flip the haunted house pattern over. Apply glue along the top and outside border of the door cutout.

Glue windows in place.

Place the door cover cutout on the glued border to cover the door cutout. Also glue the window cutouts, but glue them on all 4 sides. The window and door patterns are numbered in the template.

Glue bats to moon.

Then, flip the haunted house to its right side. Attach a bat or 2 on the moon cutout.

Write boo for ghost and attach ghost to cardstock strip.

Write “Boo” on the speech bubble cutout and attach it with the ghost cutout. Use a sharpie to draw the face of the ghost cutout. Attach the ghost on a cardstock strip. The strip should be at least 5 inches long.

Glue background circle to paper plate and cut slit along door to insert ghost.

Next, cut a circle from the colored cardstock of your choice to cover the inside of the paper plate. Place the haunted house along the bottom side of the plate and mark the bottom side of the door on the plate. Carefully cut a slit along the bottom side of the plate, right below the bottom side of the door pattern. Attach the haunted house pattern on the paper plate by attaching the tower parts of the house with the plate; keep the bottom side of the house free from glue.

Paper Plate Haunted House Craft styled image.

Finally, insert the ghost through the slit of the plate, under the haunted house pattern and drawing it out of the bottom open end of the door cover. You can move the strip attached to the ghost to move the ghost.

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