Bacon Guacamole Spinach Tomato Wrap

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Soup & Wrap - Bacon Guacamole Spinach Tomato Wrap #LoveLunchIn #ad

I seem to run our days on a schedule. My kids know when they should wake up. They know the order of everything they need to do in the morning. They know the time I usually run to the grocery store or take care of any errands. They know when they’re allowed to play on the computer or tablets. They know when I need to work. They know when breakfast is, and lunch, and dinner, and count down those minutes until it’s time. The only thing missing from our daily schedule is a moment just for myself.

The funny thing is, I’m usually so busy doing things for the house or the kids or work, that I can easily forget what time it is. As such, after I get everything else done that needs to be done and I can breathe, or finally eat lunch, it’s sometimes already 2 in the afternoon.

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With Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® soup, I can still have a great lunch, whatever time I happen to get around to it. Just as importantly, though, it’s an excuse to take a moment for myself. So on a recent trip to Walmart, I made sure to pick up a container in Tuscan-Style Chicken & White Bean Soup and another in Roasted Chicken Noodle.

Campbell's Slow Kettle Soups #LoveLunchIn #ad

While a delicious bowl of warm soup is a great lunch in itself, you can’t go wrong with a soup and sandwich combo. I have a few sandwiches variations I like to turn to, but this Bacon Guacamole Spinach Tomato Wrap, otherwise known as a BGST Wrap, is something a little different. With bacon, guacamole, spinach leaves, and tomato wrapped together, it’s not your usual bread and lunch meat.

Campbell's Roasted Chicken Noodle Slow Kettle Soup #LoveLunchIn #ad

The BGST Wrap soaks up the juices from the Campbell’s® Slow Kettle® soup nicely, too, if you happen to be a dipper. And if a little falls in from your wrap, that just makes it better.

Soup & Wrap - Bacon Guacamole Spinach Tomato Wrap #LoveLunchIn #ad

As my soup is heating, either microwave or as it’s recommended on the stove top, quickly put together your BGST Wrap. Spread it first with a layer of guacamole. I love guacamole. Then some spinach leaves. Heat up 2 slices of bacon, I keep a box of heat and serve bacon in the fridge, and cut a slice of tomato.

Soup & Wrap - Bacon Guacamole Spinach Tomato Wrap #LoveLunchIn #ad

That’s me time in just minutes!



Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Bacon Guacamole Spinach Tomato Wrap, otherwise known as a BGST, great to have as a lunch by itself or as a soup & wrap combo.


  • 2 tbsp guacamole
  • 2 pcs heat & serve bacon
  • spinach leaves, destemmed
  • 1 thin slice of tomato, halved
  • 1/4 C Shredded cheese (I used an Italian blend)
  • 1 small 6" flour tortilla


  1. Heat bacon in microwave, 10 seconds for 2 slices
  2. Spread a layer of guacamole on the tortilla
  3. Take the stems off the spinach leaves and add them next, just enough to cover.
  4. Add bacon.
  5. Sprinkle cheese
  6. Add tomato
  7. Tuck and roll your tortilla. Cut in half.

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  1. I love having a soup and sandwich for lunch, especially during the winter. Campbell’s Slow Kettle makes it easy to warm up on a cold day!

  2. We have been on a major soup kick recently. My slow cooker & I are quite the pair. However, I don’t always have hours to let it cook. The Campbells Slow Kettle Soup sounds delicious and the perfect way to fulfill my soup craving when I’m in a rush.

  3. I like to keep soups on hand for the baby and I to share for lunch while the kids are at school. I haven’t seen these particular kettle soups yet but I will be keeping en eye out for them. The wrap that you paired your soup with looks fantastic.

  4. Mmmm, some of my favorite ingredients. I’ll be passing this along to my hubby since he does all our cooking. He’ll love the fact that the time for this is about 10 minutes too!!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. I havent tried the slow kettle soups yet, but they look delicious and perfect for these cold days. I’d love to try the recipe for the wrap…looks so good!

  6. Yum! I have not seen the Slow Kettle Soups before, but they are perfect for cold evenings. That wrap looks really tasty – I love avocados!

  7. This looks like a delightful meal! I hadn’t tried the slow kettle soups just yet, but I will!

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