Monster Suncatcher Craft

This Monster Suncatcher Craft is so cute, we couldn’t resist this last minute Halloween craft! It’s so fun hanging in a window, and catches some brilliant light.

Monster Suncatcher Craft main image.

What’s great about monster crafts is that they don’t need to be precise or perfect. In fact, the quirkier and more lopsided the better. And they’re always so much fun!

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Make Monster Suncatchers for Halloween

Monster Suncatcher Craft supplies needed.

To make our Monster Suncatcher craft you will need black and white cardstock, tissue paper, clear contact paper, circle paper punches, scissors, and a glue stick.

Monster Suncatcher Craft Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock – black, white
  • Tissue paper – assorted colors
  • Circle paper punches – 1.5”, 1”, and ⅝”
  • Clear contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Halloween Monster Suncatchers Step by Step Directions

First cut a large shape from a sheet of black cardstock.

Cut shape from black cardstock.

You can cut any shape you like, but the simpler the shape the better as you will later need to trim around the edges.

Cut inside of shape, leaving 1 inch border.

Now, cut out the inside of the shape, leaving about a 1” border.

Adhere to contact paper.

Then, cut a piece of contact paper to fit the shape. Adhere the shape to the contact paper.

Cut a bunch of colored tissue paper and begin sticking to tissue paper.

Cut a bunch of tissue paper in a variety of colors. Begin sticking the tissue paper to the contact paper.

Stick tissue paper until inside of shape is completely covered.

Continue sticking the contact paper until completely filled.

Adhere another sheet of contact on top of tissue paper to seal in and trim excess.

Next, adhere another piece of contact paper over the shape to seal in the tissue paper. Trim around the edges to discard the excess contact paper.

Use paper punches to form eyes, and cut out teeth as well as arms or feet.

Glue all the detail pieces in place.

At this time, customize your monster. Punch some circles from the white cardstock for eyes. You can make the eyes any size you like. You can also use scissors to form the eyes, but the paper punches make it a lot easier. And also punch some black circles in smaller sizes. You will also need some white triangles for teeth. Decide if you want your monster to have arms and/or feet and cut those in your desired shape out of the black cardstock, too.

Monster suncatchers.

Finally, glue all the pieces in place.

Monster Suncatcher Craft in the sun.

And now it’s time to let your colorful monsters shine bright in a window.

Monster Suncatcher Craft styled image.

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