Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft

With the ground covered from the first snow of the season, it only makes sense that we’d bring you a lovely winter snowman craft. This Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft combines two really fun craft supplies into one magical winter scene!

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The name for this craft may be a little long, but there’s nothing that will take a lot of time with this craft. The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry, as is the case with most crafts. Simply paint a paper bag, glue on a couple white cupcake liners, add a few quick details and you’ve made the cutest winter snowman craft.

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Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft supplies

To make our Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft you will need paper lunch bags, blue acrylic paint, white cupcake liners, cardstock, markers in black, white, and orange, as well as scissors and a glue stick.

Make This Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft on a Paper Bag

Supplies needed:

  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • Acrylic paint – two different shades of blue
  • White cupcake liners
  • Cardstock – black, assorted colors
  • Markers – black, white, orange
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Begin by painting a paper bag blue.

paper bag paint

We used two different shades of blue. One shade for the flap and the other for the rest of the bag. Let the bag dry completely.

trim cupcake liner

Now, flatten two of the cupcake liners. Cut some of the edge from one of the cupcake liners so that it’s a little smaller.

large cupcake liner glued

Glue the larger cupcake liner with the bottom behind the flap of the bag.

top cupcake liner glued

And glue the smaller liner overlapping the top of the larger liner.

black marker eyes mouth and buttons

Next, use the black marker to draw circle eyes, mouth, and buttons down his front.

orange marker nose

Use the orange marker to make a carrot nose.

scarf pieces cut

Then, cut a strip from a colored sheet of cardstock to fit across the cupcake liners. Also cut a shorter strip.

scarf glue

Glue the long strip across the snowman for a scarf.

scarf end glued

And glue the short piece coming off the long piece.

black cardstock hat cut pieces

Also cut a strip from the black cardstock as well as a square-ish piece.

black cardstock hat

Glue in place for the hat.

white marker snow

Finally, use the white marker to dot snow around the snowman. We also made wayv lines under our snowmen to further illustrate snow. We also used the white marker to make a small decoration on the band of the hat.

Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Snowmen

So cute! Such a magical winter snowman craft! Definitely a great way to spend an afternoon staying warm indoors when it even looks cold outside.

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Paper Bag Cupcake Liner Snowman Craft styled image on white background

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