Paper Cup Fish Craft

This colorful Paper Cup Fish Craft is ready to swim! And swim through the ocean they will with their long fins and metallic marker detail. So cute!

Paper Cup Fish Craft main image.

Yes, this awesome fish craft is made with not much more than a paper cup and some paint. Make a whole school of fish in a bunch of different colors for a lovely under the sea ocean theme and a great summer craft!

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Make a Fish Craft with a Paper Cup

Paper Cup Fish Craft supplies needed.

To make our Paper Cup Fish Craft you will need paper cups, acrylic paints in bright colors, metallic markers, small googly eyes, and scissors.

Paper Cup Fish Craft Supplies Needed

  • Paper cup
  • Acrylic paint – blue, purple, pink, etc.
  • Metallic markers
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes

Easy Fish Craft Step by Step Directions

Begin by making an angled cut in a paper cup.

Cut V shape in paper cup.

You will want the cup going all the way to the bottom. Make a similar cut on the other side of the cup, like a flat bottom V shape.

Fold down cut V shape.

Now, fold the V shape down.

Trim excess of cup.

Trim away all the excess around the bottom of the cup. You should now have a circular fish with a long tail shape.

Paint fish shape.

Next, paint the fish shape in your choice of bright colors. Let the paint dry completely.

Adhere googly eye and form mouth.

Adhere googly eye. Also, take the bottom tip of the paintbrush and dip in white paint. Press the tip in place for the mouth. Once this is dry, you can then use a smaller paintbrush tip to dip in the main fish color and press in the center of the mouth so that it then looks like an O shape.

Use metallic markers to draw scales and fins.

Finally, use metallic markers to make fun details along the fish. Also draw a side fin on the body of the fish.

Paper Cup Fish.

Such a fun, easy fish craft for kids! We hope you love it as much as we do!

Paper Cup Fish Craft styled image.

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