Easy Fingerprint Ladybug Craft

Who else is excited for all things spring? Even if that includes bugs. Am I excited for bugs? Well, you know. But I am excited for our darling and simple Easy Fingerprint Ladybug Craft. We’ve even included a Free Template for the circles needed.

Easy Fingerprint Ladybug Craft main image.

I love fingerprint crafts. It’s a great way to get even the littlest ones playing with paint and creating. Plus, the end results are always unique and a great keepsake for that moment in time.

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Make a Paper Ladybug Craft with Fingerprints

Easy Fingerprint Ladybug Craft supplies needed.

To make our Easy Fingerprint Ladybug Craft you will need our Ladybug Circle Template, as well as cardstock in red and black, small googly eyes, black paint, scissors, and a glue stick.

Paper Ladybug Fingerprint Craft Supplies Needed

Fingerprint Ladybug Craft Step by Step Instructions

Begin by printing the circle template. Cut out the large circle. You can then print another template for the smaller circle.

Trace circles on cardstock.

Trace and cut the larger of the circles on black cardstock. Trace and cut out the smaller circle on red cardstock.

Cut out circles, then cut red circle in half.

Cut the red circle in half.

Glue wings in place on black circle.

Now, glue the red wings to the black circle, with the top of the wings touching.

Glue googly eyes in place.

Stick googly eyes in place.

Black paint in paint palette.

Then, pour black paint in an open surface. This time we used our paint palette, but we also like to use paper plates.

Finger dipped in black paint.

Dip a finger in the paint.

Finger pressed with black paint on red cardstock wings.

And press onto the wings to form spots for the ladybug.

Fingerprint spots on one ladybug wing.

Both wings with fingerprint spots.

Continue until all spots are formed on both wings.

Easy Fingerprint Ladybugs.

Such a super sweet, super easy, super spring craft!

Easy Fingerprint Ladybug Craft styled image.

Pin this Craft!

Be sure to save the below image to Pinterest to come back to this idea again and again!

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