Craft Stick Witch Hat Craft

The spooky hour of goblins and ghosts will be here before we know it. That’s right, it’s time to start thinking of all the fun things of Halloween! Like this Craft Stick Witch Hat Craft that are so easy to make out of craft sticks.

Craft Stick Witch Hat Craft

Each of the Craft Stick Witch Hats needs four craft sticks. Paint the craft sticks black and glue together in a triangle with black tissue paper glued on back. Finally, add a colorful buckle as a finishing touch and you have a fun and easy Halloween decoration!

Halloween Craft Stick Witch Hat Craft

For our witch hats you will need four regular wooden craft sticks per hat. Along with that, you’ll also need black tissue paper, black paint, and a black marker. Then, scraps of colored paper, scissors, and a glue stick.

Craft Stick Witch Hat Craft Supplies Needed

  • Craft sticks
  • Black tissue paper
  • Black paint
  • Black marker
  • Scraps of colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Easy Witch Hat Craft Step by Step Directions

Paint your craft sticks black on all sides. Let the paint dry completely.

When the paint is dry, glue the craft sticks in a triangle on black tissue paper or regular paper. Let the glue set completely.

Once the glue is set, trim away all the excess paper from around the triangles.

Then, cut a small rectangle of colored paper for the buckle.

Craft Stick Witch Hat Craft

Use a black marker to color the center of the buckle.

Finally, glue the buckle onto the two craft sticks on bottom.

Because every good Wicked Witch needs a hat! Especially at Halloween!

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